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Haven K. Green Electricity: 25 Green Technologies That Will Electrify Your Future

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Haven K. Green Electricity: 25 Green Technologies That Will Electrify Your Future
Santa Barbara, Califirnia, Denver, Colorado, Oxford, England: Libraries Unlimited An Imprint of ABC-CLIO, LLC, 2011. — 192 p. — ISBN: 978-1-59884-579-2.
Our existing electric utility industry and power supply and delivery systems are woefully outdated. Indeed, the existing power grid we use today uses 100-year-old technology! This book lays out the possible blueprints for a greener future in a way that will engage middle school learners, enabling students and teachers to explore the emerging energy technologies that could become the future of our electrical supply system.
In Part 1 of Green Electricity: 25 Green Technologies That Will Electrify Your Future, the author describes the amazing patchwork of 1,300 power plants and over 5 million miles of wire that comprise our national grid and reveals the environmental damages it produces. Part 2 examines the 25 leading ecofriendly contenders to modernize and replace our current grid, describing each proposed technology and how it works. Other relevant information is also provided, such as a qualitative assessment of the pluses, minuses, and limitations of each system, and an assessment of that technology's potential to contribute to our future electrical appetite.
Using This Book
Not So Green: The Grid We Have Today
The Amazing U.S. Electric Grid: Delivering Electricity to Your Doorstep
What DoesGreen Mean?
A Closer Look at Why Our Grid Isn’t Green
Greener Pastures: 25 Electric Technologies of the Future
Free Electricity for Everyone!: Fusion
Let the Sun Sizzle!: Solar Thermal Electricity
Beaming Megawatts: Solar Energy from Space
Up on the Roof: Solar Photovoltaic Energy
Blowin’ in the Wind: Wind Turbines
Go Fly a Kite!: Wind Kites
Mighty Minnies: Micro-Nukes
The Genie’s Magic Energy Lamp: Fuel Cells
Borrowing the Planet’s Energy: Geothermal Energy
River Hum: Hydroelectric Energy
A Swim in the Balmy, Briny Sea: Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC)
Catch a Wave, Dude!: Ocean Wave Energy
Rollin’, Rollin’ with the Tide: Ocean Tidal Energy
The Mightiest River: Ocean Current Energy
The Sweet Smell of Garbage: Municipal Solid Waste
Taking the Power Plant to the Farm: Bio Crop Waste
Growing Electricity: Energy Crops
A BIG Future for the Smallest Atom: Hydrogen
Natural Gas: Methane Energy
A Tidy Lump of Coal: Clean Coal Technology
Teaming Up: Electrical Cogeneration
Second Time Around: Energy Recapture
Electricity in a Box: Batteries and Energy Storage
Micro-Might: Nanotechnology
The Power Plant That Never Was: Energy Conservation
The Future Grid: The Horse Race to Your Greener Energy Future
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