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Feingold M., Navarro-Brotons V. (eds.) Universities and Science in the Early Modern Period

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Feingold M., Navarro-Brotons V. (eds.) Universities and Science in the Early Modern Period
Springer, 2006. — 309 pp. — (Archimedes, Vol. 12)
The present volume offers the most comprehensive synthesis to date of the fecundity of early modern universities, their receptivity to novel scientific ideas, and their contribution to the critical dialogue that vitalized the emergent European scientific community. The "soul" of the early modern university was its well-rounded, humanistically informed curriculum and the culture of erudition it inculcated. The authors of this volume offer a fresh assessment of how this course of study affected generations of natural philosophers, from the Iberian Peninsula to Scandinavia, from Italy to Scotland, even as it was increasingly modified to accommodate the new science. The fresh evidence gathered here emphasizes just how rigorously science was pursued by academics, notwithstanding institutional constraints. Individually, each paper illustrates the nexus of complexities specific locales made on the reception and transmission of scientific ideas; collectively, the papers offer a comparative framework that should prove invaluable in our evaluating the profound changes undergone by early modern universities during the era of Scientific Revolution.
Mathematics for Astronomy at Universities in Copernicus’ Time: Modern Attitudes Toward Ancient Problems (by Grazina Rosinska).
The University of Salamanca and the Renaissance of Astronomy During the Second Half of the 15th Century (by Jose Chabas).
Medical Science and Medical Teaching at the University of Salamanca in the 15th Century (by Luis Garcia Ballester).
The Faculty of Medicine of Valencia: Its Position in Renaissance Europe (by Jose M. Lopez Pinero).
The Cultivation of Astronomy in Spanish Universities in the Latter Half of the 16th Century (by Victor Navarro-Brotons).
The Sphere of Jacques du Chevreul: Astronomy at the University of Paris in the 1620s (by Roger Ariew).
Lectures and Practices. The Variety of Mathematical and Mechanical Teaching at the University of Uppsala in the 17th Century (by Maija Kallinen).
Mathematical Research in Italian Universities in the Modern Era (by Maria Teresa Borgato).
Universities, Academies, and Sciences in Italy in the Modern Age (by Luigi Pepe).
Natural Philosophy and Mathematics in Portuguese Universities, 1550–1650 (by Luis Miguel Carolino and Henrique Leitao).
Venetian Policy toward the University of Padua and Scientific Progress During the 18th Century (by Piero del Negro).
Candide in Caledonia: The Culture of Science in the Scottish Universities, 1690–1805 (by Paul Wood).
The Sciences at the University of Rome in the 18th Century (by Ugo Baldini).
Enlightenment and Renovation in the Spanish University (by Jose Luis Peset).
Spanish Chemistry Textbooks During Late 18th Century: Building Up a New Genre of Scientific Literature (by Antonio Garcia Belmar and Jose Ramon Bartomeu Sanchez).
Botany in University Studies in the Late 18th Century. The Case of Valencia University (by Cristina Sendra-Mocholi).
Scientific Education and the Crisis of the University in 18th Century Barcelona (by Agusti Nieto-Galan and Antoni Roca-Rosell).
The Theories of Copernicus and Newton in the Viceroyship of Nueva Granada and the Audiencia de Caracas During the 18th Century (by Luis Carlos Arboleda Aparicio and Diana Soto Arango).
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