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Dickens Charles. Great Expectations

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Dickens Charles. Great Expectations
Большие надежды.
(Audiobooks: Read by Hugh Kaurie &Read by Michael Page)
On Christmas Eve of 1812, Pip, an orphan aged 7, encounters an escaped convict in the village churchyard while visiting his family's many graves. The convict scares Pip into stealing him some food and a file to grind away his leg shackles. He threatens that he can't tell anyone about it and he must do as he says or his friend will cut out Pip's liver. Pip returns home, where he lives with Mrs. Joe, his older sister, and her husband Joe Gargery. His sister is very cruel and beats him and Joe regularly, while Joe is much more kind to Pip. Early the next morning, Pip steals food from the Gargery pantry (including a pie for their christmas feast) and sneaks out to the graveyard. This is the first time in Pip’s life he’s felt truly guilty. This is an important event in the book because the convict will never forget the kindness (albeit forced) that Pip showed to him. The convict, however, waits many years to fully show his gratitude.
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