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Bhasin Shweta. Making Use of JavaScript

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Bhasin Shweta. Making Use of JavaScript
John Wiley & Sons, 2002. — 355 p. — ISBN: 9780471428688.
The tremendous growth of the World Wide Web has resulted in a demand for dynamic and interactive Web sites. To attract customer attention on the Web, companies need to hire experts for creating their Web sites. There is a tremendous scope for those who want to be the pillars of such companies by mastering scripting languages that give life to Web sites. One such language that is easy to master and handle is JavaScript.
This book provides you with everything you need to begin programming with JavaScript. Bhasin first presents a detailed introduction to the basics of the language, covering concepts such as data types, literals, expressions, and operators. She then shows you how to progress from developing basic applications with JavaScript to more advanced ones using browser objects, cookies, plug-ins, layers, and server-side scripting. Throughout each chapter, Bhasin includes extensive real-world exercises and case studies that will help you gain valuable exposure to procedures you can use to design your own Web sites.
With numerous examples and expert advice, this book:
Provides a concise and task-oriented introduction to JavaScript;
Helps you evaluate the suit-ability of JavaScript for your project;
Is a practical introduction to JavaScript's syntax and fundamental strengths;
Includes numerous working scripts, with information on how to adapt and extend them to meet individual needs.
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