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Shah R.K., Sekulic D.P. Fundamentals of heat exchanger design

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Shah R.K., Sekulic D.P. Fundamentals of heat exchanger design
John Wiley & Sons, 2003. 941 p. — ISBN 0-471-32171-0.

Significant advances have taken place in the development of heat exchanger manufacturing technology as well as design theory. Many books have been published on the subject, as summarized in the General References at the end of the book. However, our assessment is that none of the books available seems to provide an in-depth coverage of the intricacies of heal exchanger design and theory so as to fully support both a student and a practicing engineer in the quest for creative mastering of both theory and design. Our book was motivated by this consideration. Coverage includes the theory and design of exchangers for many industries (not restricted to, say. the process industry) for a broader, in-depth foundation.
Classification of Heat Exchangers
Overview of Heat Exchanger Design Methodology
Basic Thermal Design Theory for Recuperators
Additional Considerations for Thermal Design of Recuperators
Thermal Design Theory for Regenerators
Heat Exchanger Pressure Drop Analysis
Surface Basic Heat Transfer and Flow Friction Characteristics
Heat Exchanger Surface Geometrical Characteristics
Heat Exchanger Design Procedures
Selection of Heat Exchangers and Their Components
Thermodynamic Modeling and Analysis
Flow Maldistribution and Header Design
Fouling and Corrosion
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