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Marquez F.P.G., Lev B. (Eds.) Engineering Management

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Marquez F.P.G., Lev B. (Eds.) Engineering Management
InTech, 2013. — 230 p. ISBN: 9535110378 9789535110378
This book synthesises the engineering principles with business practice, i.e. the book provides an interface between the main disciplines of engineering/technology and the organizational, administrative, and planning abilities of management. It is complementary to other sub-disciplines such as economics, finance, marketing, decision and risk analysis, etc. This book is intended for engineers, economics and researchers who are developing new advances in engineering management, or who employ the engineering management discipline as part of their work.
The authors of this volume describe their pioneering work in the area or provide material for case studies successfully applying the engineering management discipline in real life cases.
Heuristic Approaches for a Dual Optimization Problem
Comparisons of Lateral Transshipment with Emergency Order Policies
Modeling Engineering Management Decisions with Game Theory
Managing Pharmacy Operations with People and Technology
Improving Mandatory Environmental Data Reporting for Comparable and Reliable Environmental Performance Indicators
Technology Assessment in Software Development Projects Using a System Dynamics Approach: A Case of Application Frameworks
Technical Performance Based Earned Value as a Management Tool for Engineering Projects
The Investment in Hedge Funds as an Alternative Investment
Modeling and Linear Programming in Engineering Management
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