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Miller Debra A., Mann M.E. Energy Production & Alternative Energy

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Miller Debra A., Mann M.E. Energy Production & Alternative Energy
Gale, Cengage Learning, 2011. 134 p. — ISBN-10: 0737751061, ISBN-13: 9780737751062.
Greenhaven Press's Confronting Global Warming series explores current and future challenges facing the planet due to climate change. The series covers the full range of climate change impacts-including water, population, nature, and health and disease-and the various essential components of any solution, such as energy production and alternative energy, the role of the government, the role of industry, and the role of the individual. Each volume examines the current status of the topic being covered, highlights key future challenges, explores potential or proposed solutions for dealing with the results of climate change, and presents the pros and cons of such solutions. Confronting Global Warming features all original content written expressly for this full-color series. Volumes also include a descriptive table of contents, a glossary, a bibliography, a subject index, and full-color photos, maps, and illustrations. Titles in the Confronting Global Warming series offer users a well-rounded view of global warming, providing context for how society has dealt with climate change thus far and encapsulating debates about how it will confront issues related to climate in the future.
Energy and Global. Warming: An Introduction
The Fossil Fuel Era
The Global Warming Problem
Solutions to Energy-Related Global Warming
Chart: Global Anthropogenic GHG Emissions, 1970–2004
Sidebar: A Global Warming Emergency?
The World’s Reliance on Fossil Fuels: Current Energy Usage
Fossil Fuels and Carbon Emissions
Countries Responsible for Carbon Emissions
U.S. Energy Usage
Chart: U.S. Primary Energy Consumption by Source and Sector, 2008
Growing Energy Demands and Emissions
Sidebar: Global Warming and Peak Oil
Cutting Fossil Fuel Emissions
The 1997 Kyoto Protocol
Prospects for U.S. Emission Cuts
Graph: Net Emission Reductions Under
Cap-and-Trade Proposals in the 111th Congress, 2005–2050
U.S. Regulatory Efforts
Improving Energy Efficiency
Geoengineering Solutions
Individual Lifestyle Changes
Sidebar: The Energy Star Program
Bridge Strategies: Low-Emission Energy Sources
Natural Gas as a Transition Fuel
Map: Major U.S. Natural Gas Shale Beds
The Clean Coal Debate
Nuclear Power
Sidebar: France—A Leader in Nuclear Power
Methane Energy
Developing Clean and Renewable Electrical Energy
Solar Energy
Wind Power
Sidebar: Clean Energy in Malawi
Geothermal Energy
Energy from Water
Table: U.S. Electricity from Renewable Energy by Sector, 2004–2008
Reinventing Transportation Energy
Sidebar: Brazil’s Flex-Fuel Auto Industry
Hydrogen Fuel Cells
Electric and Hybrid Vehicles
Illustration: How Hybrids Work
Achieving a Clean-Energy Economy
Encouraging Investments in Clean Energy
Sidebar: Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards
A New Clean-Energy Policy
The Role of Carbon Caps
Creating Green Jobs
Map: Clean-Energy Jobs by State, 2007
Economic Impact
Challenges in the Search for Clean Energy
Technological Challenges
Infrastructure Needs
Table: Today’s Electrical Grid and Tomorrow’s
Political Obstacles
Environmental Concerns
Winning the Global Race Toward Clean Energy
Sidebar: China and Clean Energy
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