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Fisher Ken. How to Smell a Rat: The Five Signs of Financial Fraud / Фишер.К. Как распознать крысу: пять признаков финансовой аферы Audiobook CD 4-5

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HighBridge Company,2009.
Исполнитель: Scott Thomsen
Язык: English
Аудио кодек: MP3
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This is the unabridged, 5.75 hours edition, released on August 26, 2009. In How to Smell a Rat, Ken Fisher takes an engaging and informative look at recent and historic examples of fraudsters, how they operated, and how they can be easily avoided. Fisher shows readers the quick, identifiable features of potential financial fraudsters. Readers will learn the questions to ask when assessing a money manager and how to spot red flags. There should be a premium for integrity. Asking the right questions and looking for the right setups goes a long way toward finding a firm that will protect your interests and your assets. Trusted financial expert and bestselling author Ken Fisher will help readers avoid would-be embezzlers.
Did you know that nearly every financial scam, including Bernard Madoff's $65 billion Ponzi scheme, could have easily been avoided? Ken Fisher does, and now, in How to Smell a Rat, he arms you with five simple signs that can alert you to possible scams and insulate you against financial fraud.
How to Smell a Rat is an informative look at recent and historic examples of fraudsters, how they operated, and how their scams could have been avoided. Page by page, this reliable resource highlights various features of potential frauds and provides you with an insider's view on how to spot financial disasters before you become a part of them.
Most investment scams can be easily detected and more easily avoided. While Bernard Madoff may be a criminal, the greater crime is that investors continue to be swindled for no reason. Pick up How to Smell a Rat, and learn how to protect yourself as best you can from financial fraud.
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