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Miura Akira, Oka Mayumi. Rapid Reading Japanese / Скоростное чтение на японском языке + ответы

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Miura Akira, Oka Mayumi. Rapid Reading Japanese / Скоростное чтение на японском языке + ответы
Издатель: The Japan Times
Год выпуска: 2009. - 21-е стереотипное периздание,
Кол-во страниц: 270
ISBN: 978-4789009157
Rapid Reading Japanese: Improving Reading Skills of Intermediate and Advanced Students In order to read rapidly with accurate comprehension in another language, effective stepby-step training is indispensable. This book is designed for intermediate and advanced students of Japanese to acquire natural reading skills which approximate that of native speakers, and to significantly improve reading ability by cumulatively practicing different techniques of reading best suited to the specific objectives or to the reading materials at hand. In section 1, Basic Techniques, students will practice step-by-step the basics of rapid reading: the techniques of scanning and skimming, and the skills of prediction, anticipation and deduction. In Section 2, Practical Exercises, students will employ skills learned in Section 1 to quickly "get the gist" or to efficiently obtain specific information from a variety of authentic readings such as magazine and newspaper articles. Section 3, Challenging Texts, consists of six readings ranging from one page to a full-length mystery short story, and is designed so students consolidate what they have learned in prior sections.
Пособие рассчитано на продолжающих изучать японский язык после MNN и направлено на развитие навыка быстро находить в тексте только ответы на поставленную задачу.
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