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McCracken G., Stott P. Fusion: The Energy of the Universe

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McCracken G., Stott P. Fusion: The Energy of the Universe
Elsevier, 2005. - 186 pp.
Fusion powers the stars and could in principle provide almost unlimited, environmentally benign, power on Earth. Harnessing fusion has proved to be a much greater scientific and technical challenge than originally hoped. In the early 1970s the great Russian physicist Lev Andreevich Artsimovich wrote that, nevertheless, thermonuclear [fusion] energy will be ready when mankind needs it. It looks as if he was right and that that time is approaching. This excellent book is therefore very timely. It is an essential reference providing basic principles of fusion energy from its history to the issues and realities progressing from the present day energy crisis. The book provides detailed developments and applications for researchers entering the field of fusion energy research.
Garry McCracken and Peter Stott have had distinguished careers in fusion research. Their book appears at a time when fusion’s role as a potential ace of trumps in the energy pack is becoming increasingly recognized. This important book describes the exciting science of fusion, the fascinating history of it, and what is at stake in mankind’s quest to harness the energy of the stars.
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