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Ding X. (ed.) Advances in Character Recognition

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Ding X. (ed.) Advances in Character Recognition
Издательство InTech, 2012, -240 pp.
This book presents advances in character recognition, and it consists of 12 chapters that cover wide range of topics on different aspects of character recognition. Hopefully, this book will serve as a reference source for academic research, for professionals working in the character recognition field and for all interested in the subject
Efficient Transformation Estimation Using Lie Operators: Theory, Algorithms, and Computational Efficiencies
SVM Classifiers – Concepts and Applications to Character Recognition
Online Handwritten Chinese/Japanese Character Recognition
Applying OCR in the Processing of Thermal Images with Temperature Scales
Preprocessing for Images Captured by Cameras
Character Recognition from Virtual Scenes and Vehicle License Plates Using Genetic Algorithms and Neural Networks
A Novel Method for Multifont Arabic Characters Features Extraction
Decision Tree as an Accelerator for Support Vector Machines
Generating Training Sets for the Automatic Recognition of Handwritten Documents
Stroke-Based Cursive Character Recognition
Finger Braille Recognition System
Usefulness of Only One User’s Handwritten Character on Offline Personal Character Recognition
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