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Gupta R., Wall T., Baxter L. (eds.) Impact of Mineral Impurities in Solid Fuel Combustion

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Gupta R., Wall T., Baxter L. (eds.) Impact of Mineral Impurities in Solid Fuel Combustion
New York, Boston, Dordrecht, London, Moscow: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2002. - 781 p. — ISBN 0-306-46920-0, ISBN0-306-46126-9.
Keynote Papers
Ash-Related Issues During Combustion and Gasification
Steven A. Benson and Everett A. Sondreal
Mineral Characterization for Combustion: The Contribution from the Geological Sciences
Colin R. Ward
The Development of Power Technologies for Low-Grade Coal
K. Basu
Low-Rank Coal and Advanced Technologies for Power Generation
Dong-ke Zhang, Peter J. Jackson, and Hari B. Vuthaluru
The Thermal Conductivity of Ash Deposits: Particulate and Slag Structures
R. P. Gupta, T. F. Wall, and L. Baxter
The Development of Advanced Clean Coal Technology in Japan: Mineral Matter Issues
Sadayuki Shinozaki
Factors Critically Affecting Fireside Deposits in Steam Generators
Richard W. Bryers
Mineral Matter, Ash and Slag Characterisation
Advanced Analytical Characterization of Coal Ashes—An Idemitsu
Kosan—Elsam Cooperation Project . .
Ole Hede Larsen, Flemming J. Frandsen, Lone A. Hansen, Signe Vargas, Kim Dam-Johansen, Karin Laursen, Takeo Yamada, and Tsuyoshi Teramae
A Novel Application of CCSEM for Studying Agglomeration in Fluidised Bed Combustion
Mika E. Virtanen, Ritva E. A. Heikkinen, H. Tapio Patrikainen, and Risto S. Laitinen
Thermomechanical Analysis and Alternative Ash Fusibility Temperatures
S. K. Gupta, R. P. Gupta, G. W. Bryant, L. Juniper, and T. F. Wall
Ash Fusibility Detection Using Image Analysis
Klaus Hjuler
Ash Fusion Quantification by Means of Thermal Analysis
Lone A. Hansen, Flemming J. Frandsen, and Kim Dam-Johansen
Sticking Mechanisms in Hot-Gas Filter Ashes .
John P. Hurley, Bruce A. Dockter, Troy A. Roling, and Jan W. Nowok
Classification System for Ash Deposits Based on SEM Analysis
Karin Laursen and Flemming J. Frandsen
Determination of Amorphous Material in Peat Ash by X-Ray Diffraction
Minna S. Tiainen, Juha S. Ryynänen, Juha T. Rantala, H. Tapio Patrikainen, and Risto S. Laitinen
System Accuracy for CCSEM Analysis of Minerals in Coal
R. P. Gupta, L. Yan, E. M. Kennedy, T. F. Wall, M. Masson, and K. Kerrison
The Microstructure and Mineral Content of Pulverised Coal Chars
F. Wigley and J. Williamson
The Use of Low-rank and Low-grade Coals and Cofiring
Fireside Considerations when Cofiring Biomass with Coal in PC Boilers
Allen L. Robinson, Larry L. Baxter, Gian Sclippa, Helle Junker, Karl E. Widell, Dave C. Dayton, Deirdre Belle-Oudry, Mark Freeman, Gary Walbert, and Philip Goldberg
Summary of Recent Results Obtained from Using the Controlled Fluidised Bed Agglomeration Method .
Marcus Öhman and Anders Nordin
Deposition and Corrosion in Straw- and Coal-straw Co-fired Utility Boilers: Danish Experiences
Flemming J. Frandsen, Hanne P. Nielsen, Peter A. Jensen, Lone A. Hansen, Hans Livbjerg, Kim Dam-Johansen, Peter F. B. Hansen (1) and Karin H. Andersen (2), Henning S. Sørensen, Ole H. Larsen, Bo Sander, Niels Henriksen, and Peter Simonsen
Development of Blast-Furnace Gas Firing Burner for Cofiring Boilers with Pulverized Coal
Takashi Kiga, Takehiko Ito, Motoya Nakamura and Shinji Watanabe
Changes in Slagging Behaviour with Composition for Blended Coals
Nicholas J. Manton, Jim Williamson, and Gerry S. Riley
Role of Inorganics During Fluidised-Bed Combustion of Low-Rank Coals
Hari Babu Vuthaluru and Dong-ke Zhang
Role of Additives in Controlling Agglomeration and Defluidization During
Fluidised Bed Combustion of High-Sodium, High-Sulphur
Low-Rank Coal .
Temi M. Linjewile and Alan R. Manzoori
The Agglomeration in the Fluidized Bed Boiler During the Co-Combustion of Biomass with Peat
Ritva E. A. Heikkinen, Mika E. Virtanen, H. Tapio Patrikainen, and Risto S. Laitinen
Ash Fusion and Deposit Formation at Straw Fired Boilers .
Lone A. Hansen, Flemming J. Frandsen, Henning S. Sørensen, Per Rosenberg, Klaus Hjuler, and Kim Dam-Johansen
Case Studies in Conventional and Advanced Plant
Influence of Metal Surface Temperature and Coal Quality on Ash Deposition in PC-Fired Boilers
Karin Laursen, Flemming J. Frandsen, and Ole Hede Larsen
Full Scale Deposition Trials at 150MWE PF-Boiler CO-Firing Coal and Straw: Summary of Results
Karin H. Andersen, Flemming J. Frandsen, Peter F. B. Hansen, and Kim Dam-Johansen
Slagging Tests on the Suitability of Alternative Coals in a 325 MWE PC
Boiler . .
Timm Heinzel, Jörg Maier, Hartmut Spliethoff, Klaus R. G. Hein. And Werner Cleve
Predicting Superheater Deposit Formation in Boilers Burning Biomasses
Rainer Backman, Mikko Hupa, and Bengt-Johan Skrifvars
Deposit Formation in the Convective Path of a Danish 80 MWTH CFB-Boiler CO-Firing Straw and Coal for Power Generation
Peter F. Binderup Hansen
Research on the Melting Points of Some Chinese Coal Ashes
Shen Xianglin, Chen Ying, and Liu Haibin
Computer Controlled Scanning Electron Microscopy (CCSEM) Analysis of Straw Ash
Henning Sund Sørensen
Prognosis of Slagging and Fouling Properties of Coals Based on Widely Available Data and Results of Additional Measurements .
Alexander N. Alekhnovich, Natalja V. Artemjeva, Vladimir V. Bogomolov, Vyacheslav I. Shchelokov, and Vasilij G. Petukhov
The Slagging Behaviour of Coal Blends in the Pilot-Scale Combustion Test Facility
Alexander N. Alekhnovich, Vladimir V. Bogomolov, Natalja V. Artemjeva, and Vladimir E. Gladkov
Studies at Rig Scale (Including Corrosion)
In Situ Measurements of the Thermal Conductivity of Ash Deposits Formed in a Pilot-Scale Combustor .
Allen L. Robinson, Steven G. Buckley, Gian Sclippa, and Larry L. Baxter
Low Corrosivity of Coal Chlorine
Elliott P. Doane and Murray F. Abbott
Laboratory Studies on the Influence of Gaseous HCl on Superheater Corrosion
Keijo Salmenoja, Mikko Hupa, and Rainer Backman
The Role of Alkali Sulfates and Chlorides in Post Cyclone Deposits from Circulating Fluidized Bed Boilers Firing Biomass and Coal .
Bengt-Johan Skrifvars, Tor Laurén, Rainer Backman, and Mikko Hupa
Fly Ash Deposition onto the Convective Heat Exchangers during Combustion of Willow in a Circulating Fluidized Bed Boiler
Terttaliisa Lind, Esko I. Kauppinen, George Sfiris, Kristina Nilsson, and Willy Maenhaut
Ash Behaviour in Biomass Fluidised-Bed Gasification
Antero Moilanen, Esa Kurkela, and Jaana Laatikainen-Luntama
Bench-Scale Biomass/Coal Cofiring Studies
Deirdre Belle-Oudry and David C. Dayton
Iron in Coal and Slagging: The Significance of the High Temperature Behaviour of Siderite Grains During Combustion .
Gary Bryant, Christopher Bailey, Hongwei Wu, Angus McLennan, Brian Stanmore, and Terry Wall
Develpments in Advanced Coal Technologies
Fractionated Heavy Metal Separation in Biomass Combustion
Plants—Possibilities, Technological Approach, Experiences
Ingwald Obernberger and Friedrich Biedermann
Distributions of Major and Trace Elements in Entrained Slagging Coal Gasification Process
Kenichi Fujii, Masamitsu Suda, Tadayoshi Muramatsu, and Masahiro Hara
Behavior of Inorganic Materials During Pulverized Coal Combustion
Tsuyoshi Teramae, Toru Yamashita, and Takashi Ando
Energy Production from Contaminated Biomass: Progress of On-Going Collaboration Projects .
Alexandre Grebenkov, Anatoli Iakoushev, Larry Baxter, Dave Allen, Helle Junker, and Jørn Roed
Triboelectrostatic Coal Cleaning: Mineral Matter Rejection In-Line Between Pulverizers and Burners at a Utility
John M. Stencel, John L. Schaefer, Heng Ban, TianXiang Li, and James K. Neathery
Development of Advanced PFBC
Makoto Takai and Masahiro Hara
Operating Experiences of 71 MW PFBC Demonstration Plant
Hideki Goto and Syoichi Okutani
Development of an Innovative Fluidized Bed Cement Kiln System
Sadayuki Shinozaki, Isao Hashimoto, Katsuji Mukai, and Kunio Yoshida
The Influence of Pressure on the Behaviour of Fuel Carbonates
Arvo Ots, Tõnu Pihu, and Aleksander Hlebnikov
Modeling of Ash Behaviour and Ash Deposition
Modeling of Ash Deposit Growth and Sintering in PC-Fired Boilers .
Huafeng Wang and John N. Harb
Predicting Ash Behavior in Conventional Power Systems: Putting Models to Work
Christopher J. Zygarlicke
Thermodynamic Modelling of the System to Characterise Coal Ash Slags
Evgueni Jak, Sergei Degterov, Arthur D. Pelton, Jim Happ, and Peter C. Hayes
Development of a Prediction Scheme for Pulverised Coal-Fired Boiler Slagging
Jouni Pyykönen, Jorma Jokiniemi, and Tommy Jacobson
Modelling the Initial Structure of Ash Deposits and Structure Changes Due to Sintering
Hamid R. Rezaei, Rajender P. Gupta, Terry F. Wall, S. Miyamae, and K. Makino
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