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Dietrich M. (Ed.) Economics of the Firm: Analysis, Evolution, History

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Dietrich M. (Ed.) Economics of the Firm: Analysis, Evolution, History
Routledge, 2007. – 236 p. –ISBN: 0415395097, 9780415395090
This book brings together some of the world's leading experts on the economics of the firm.
The aim is to eschew standard approaches to the economics of the firm, including analysis of transaction costs in favor of a more interdisciplinary outlook, with evolutionary economics taken into account. Central to this is the concept of trust and the belief that any approach to the firm must recognize and cultural and political factors.
List of figures and tables
List of contributors
Introduction: the firm in an interdisciplinary context – Michael Dietrich
The economics of the firm: analysis and background
The nature of the firm revisited – Michael Dietrich
Trust, learning and the firm – BArT Nooteboom
Accounting and the economic analysis of the firm as an entity – Yuri Biondi
The value of integration: old institutional economics and new institutional sociology – Hassan Yazdifar
The economics of the firm: change and evolution
The evolutionary theory of the firm: routines, complexity and change – Werner Holzl
Insights into the self-reproduction of the firm with the Von Neumann automaton model – PaveL Luksha
A Penrosean theory of the firm: implications and applications for the study of the growth of young firms – Erik Stam, Elizabeth Garnsey and PauL Heffernan
Entrepreneurship and corporate ownership: an Austrian view – Stavros Ioannides
The economics of the firm: history and organization
Business history and the organization of industry – Jackie Krafft
The firm in history: city–industry relations: a case study of the engineering sector in the UK economy during the interwar years – Sue Bowden, David Higgins and Christopher Price
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