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Jones H.R.N. The Application of Combustion Principles to Domestic Gas Burner Design

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Jones H.R.N. The Application of Combustion Principles to Domestic Gas Burner Design
British Gas plc, 1989. 205 p. — ISBN:0-203-78137-6, ISBN:0-419-14800-0.

The worldwide use of gas as a fuel has increased dramatically since the late 1960s. In many countries, this has been primarily due to the development of natural gas resources as a replacement for the older and, in many cases, declining manufactured gas industries. This text deals with the important developments in burner design, without which neither the remarkable success of conversion to natural gas, nor the more recent improved efficiencies, could have been achieved. It is aimed at both the student and the qualified engineer. After an opening chapter, which provides relevant definitions and some basic combustion chemistry, design aspects of the three most commonly encountered types of burner (non-aerated, partially aerated and fully aerated) are discussed in detail, together with some more unusual burner systems. Finally, the last two chapters consider the application of these design aspects to various domestic appliances, and special emphasis is given to safety, ease of appliance operation and methods of maintaining high efficiency.

Combustion fundamentals and gas properties
Non-aerated burners
Partially aerated burners
Fully aerated burners
Future domestic burners
Burners in appliances
Burner controls

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