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Simpson S.J., Casas J. (Eds.) Advances in Insect Physiology

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Simpson S.J., Casas J. (Eds.) Advances in Insect Physiology
37. - Academic Press, 2009. - 354 p.
How do insect vectors of disease find their animal hosts? Once a host is located, how do insects deploy their intricate mouthparts and the extraordinary complexities of salivary chemistry to secure a blood meal, and in so doing cause transmission of disease organisms? What are the critical molecular components that mediate the interactions between insect vectors and disease organisms? How do insect physiology and life history interact with environmental conditions to shape patterns of disease incidence? Given the enormous health and socioeconomic impacts of insect-borne diseases, the study of insect physiology acquires special significance when applied to questions such as these. In addition to reviewing the progress made towards answering these questions, the papers in this special issue of Advances in Insect Physiology give rise to key themes for the future. Hence, the field has benefited enormously from recent advances in molecular biology and protein biochemistry, yet in order to be fully effective, these tools need to be used within the context of a deep understanding of vector physiology, behaviour and ecology. In turn, an understanding of ecophysiology, behaviour and life-history is necessary for explaining and predicting the biogeography and epidemiology of insect vector-borne diseases - especially in a world experiencing global warming, population growth and changing patterns of land use.
Orientation Towards Hosts in Haematophagous Insects: An Integrative Perspective
From Sialomes to the Sialoverse: An Insight into Salivary Potion of Blood-Feeding Insects
The Enemy Within: Interactions Between Tsetse, Trypanosomes and Symbionts
Interactions of Trypanosomatids and Triatomines
Lyme Disease Spirochete–Tick–Host Interactions
Epidemiological Consequences of the Ecological Physiology of Ticks
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