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Fernandez-Maloigne Ch. (ed.) Advanced Color Image Processing and Analysis

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Fernandez-Maloigne Ch. (ed.) Advanced Color Image Processing and Analysis
New York: Springer Science+Business Media, 2013. 514 p. — ISBN:978-1-4419-6189-1, ISBN:978-1-4419-6190-7 (eBook)
This volume does much more than survey modern advanced color processing. Starting with a historical perspective on ways we have classified color, it sets out the latest numerical techniques for analyzing and processing colors, the leading edge in our search to accurately record and print what we see. The human eye perceives only a fraction of available light wavelengths, yet we live in a multicolor world of myriad shining hues. Colors rich in metaphorical associations make us purple with rage or green with envy and cause us to see red. Defining colors has been the work of centuries, culminating in today’s complex mathematical coding that nonetheless remains a work in progress: only recently have we possessed the computing capacity to process the algebraic matrices that reproduce color more accurately. With chapters on dihedral color and image spectrometers, this book provides technicians and researchers with the knowledge they need to grasp the intricacies of today’s color imaging
Fundamentals of Color
M. James Shyu and Jussi Parkkinen
CIECAM02 and Its Recent Developments
Ming Ronnier Luo and Changjun Li
Colour Difference Evaluation
Manuel Melgosa, Alain Tr´emeau, and Guihua Cui
Cross-Media Color Reproduction and Display Characterization
Jean-Baptiste Thomas, Jon Y. Hardeberg, and Alain Tr´emeau
Dihedral Color Filtering
Reiner Lenz, Vasileios Zografos, and Martin Solli
Color Representation and Processes with Clifford Algebra
Philippe Carr´ e and Michel Berthier
Image Super-Resolution, a State-of-the-Art Review and Evaluation
Aldo Maalouf and Mohamed-Chaker Larabi
Color Image Segmentation
Mihai Ivanovici, No¨el Richard, and Dietrich Paulus
Parametric Stochastic Modeling for Color Image Segmentation and Texture Characterization
Imtnan-Ul-Haque Qazi, Olivier Alata, and Zoltan Kato
Color Invariants for Object Recognition
Damien Muselet and Brian Funt
Motion Estimation in Colour Image Sequences
Jenny Benois-Pineau, Brian C. Lovell, and Robert J. Andrews
Protection of Colour Images by Selective Encryption
W. Puech, A.G. Bors, and J.M. Rodrigues
Quality Assessment of Still Images
Mohamed-Chaker Larabi, Christophe Charrier, and Abdelhakim Saadane
Image Spectrometers, Color High Fidelity, and Fine-Art Paintings
Alejandro Rib´es
Application of Spectral Imaging to Electronic Endoscopes
Yoichi Miyake
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