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Europe in figures. Eurostat yearbook 2012

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Europe in figures. Eurostat yearbook 2012
Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union, 2012. — 692 р.
Europe in figures — Eurostat yearbook 2012 presents a comprehensive selection of statistical data on Europe. The yearbook may be viewed as an introduction to European statistics and provides guidance to the vast range of data freely available from the Eurostat. Most data cover the period 2000-2010 for the European Union and some indicators are provided for other countries, such as members of EFTA, acceding and candidate countries to the European Union, Japan or the United States (subject to availability). With more than 470 statistical tables, figures and maps, the yearbook treats the following areas: economy and finance; population; health; education and training; labour market; living conditions and social protection; industry, trade and services; agriculture, forestry and fisheries; international trade; transport; environment; energy; and science and technology.
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