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Gould R.J. Graph Theory

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Gould R.J. Graph Theory
Издательство Benjamin/Cummings Publishing, 1988, -343 pp.
This text is intended to be an introductory text in graph theory. As such, I feel it must reflect as many of the diverse aspects of this growing subject as possible. However, it was impossible to include every topic. Thus, I tried to concentrate on well-established topics, reflecting the primary techniques used in the study of graphs. Being both a mathematician and a computer scientist certainly colored my thinking. Fundamental to my thinking is a belief that both a firm algorithmic background as well as a theoretical background are needed. I have tried to include as many fundamental algorithms as possible, while still maintaining a foundation in standard theoretical results. I have also included as many proofs about both the algorithmic and theoretical results as seemed reasonable. The exercises include both theoretic and algorithmic problems. However, so that this text would be accessible to as many students as possible, the algorithms are presented with a minimum of advanced data structures or programming details.
Paths and Searching
Cycles and Circuits
Special Topics and Applications
Extremal Theory
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