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Chartrand G., Kapoor S.F. The Many Facets of Graph Theory

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Chartrand G., Kapoor S.F. The Many Facets of Graph Theory
Издательство Springer, 1970, -282 pp.
This volume constitutes the proceedings of the Conference on Graph Theory held at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, 31 October - 2 November 1968. Its participants represent a diverse spectrum of the mathematical scale. Those in attendance ranged from graduate students to outstanding research mathematicians, and their contributions to this volume2 include a wide variety of expositions, applications of graph theory, and topics of current research. It is our hope that this collection of papers will begin to acquaint the reader with some of "the many facets of graph theory.
Graphs and Binary Relations.
Graph Theory and Finite Projective Planes.
On Steinitz's Theorem Concerning Convex 3-Polytopes and on Some Properties of Planar Graphs.
Analogues of Ramsey Numbers.
A Survey of Packings and Coverings of Graphs.
Section Graphs for Finite Permutation Groups.
Nearly Regular Polyhedra With Two Exceptional Faces.
Some Applications of Graph Theory to Number Theory.
On the Number of Cycles in Permutation Graphs.
A Note on a Category of Graphs.
Reconstructing Graphs.
Incidence Patterns of Graphs and Complexes.
A Many-Facetted Problem of Zarankiewicz.
Graph Theory and Lie Algebra.
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