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Gerhard Michal G., Schomburg D. (Eds.) Biochemical Pathways: An Atlas of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

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Gerhard Michal G., Schomburg D. (Eds.) Biochemical Pathways: An Atlas of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
2nd Edition. — Wiley, 2012. — 414 p.
Now in its second edition, Biochemical Pathways continues to garner praise from students, instructors, and researchers for its clear, full-color illustrations of the pathways and networks that determine biological function. Biochemical Pathways examines the biochemistry of bacteria, plants, and animals. It offers a quick overview of the metabolic sequences in biochemical pathways, the chemistry and enzymology of conversions, the regulation of turnover, the expression of genes, the immunological interactions, and the metabolic background of health disorders. A standard set of conventions is used in all illustrations, enabling readers to easily gather information and compare the key elements of different biochemical pathways. For both quick and in-depth understanding, the book uses a combination of:
Illustrations integrating many different features of the reactions and their interrelationships
Tables listing the important system components and their function
Text supplementing and expanding on the illustrated facts
In the second edition, the volume has been expanded by 50 percent. Text and figures have undergone a thorough revision and update, reflecting the tremendous progress in biochemical knowledge in recent years. A guide to the relevant biochemical databases facilitates access to the extensive documentation of scientific knowledge. Biochemical Pathways, Second Edition is recommended for all students and researchers in such fields as biochemistry, molecular biology, medicine, organic chemistry, and pharmacology. The book's illustrated pathways aids the reader in understanding the complex set of biochemical reactions that occur in biological systems.
Contributors to This Volume
Introduction and General Aspects
The Cell and its Components
Carbohydrates and Citrate Cycle
Amino Acids and Derivatives
Nucleotides and Nucleosides
Cofactors and Vitamins
Nucleic Acid Metabolism and Protein Synthesis in Bacteria
Nucleic Acid Metabolism, Protein Synthesis and Cell Cycle in Eukarya
Glycosylated Proteins and Lipids
Protein Folding, Transport and Degradation
Special Bacterial Metabolism, Antibiotics
Oxidative Phosphorylation and Photosynthesis
Cellular Communication
Eukaryotic Transport
Antimicrobial Defense Systems
Blood Coagulation and Fibrinolysis
Further Information
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