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Thomas M. Mastering People Management: Build a successful team - motivate, empower and lead people

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Thomas M. Mastering People Management: Build a successful team - motivate, empower and lead people
Financial Times/ Prentice Hall, 2003. – 241 p. – ISBN: 1854183281, 9781854183286
Whether you are a first-time manager, a function specialist, or someone running your own organization, your objectives will always be the same: how do I obtain—and sustain—the best performance from both myself and my team?
Based on in-depth experience of developing people and initiating change within many types of organizations, Mark Thomas provides a practical guide to mastering the essential techniques of people management.
He explains all the key concepts clearly and his book, packed with examples, charts, tips, and techniques, is full of practical advice and shrewd insights. Written by an author with many years' experience as a successful trainer and consultant, Mastering People Management is an outstanding introduction to the subject: it covers all the ground with thoroughness and clarity together with examples and insights that bring theory to life.
About the Author
Mark Thomas is a business consultant, author, and speaker who has worked in over 40 different countries. His clients include Lloyds TSB Asset Management, Motorola, Barclays Capital, Reuters, Cisco, Sony, HSBC, Coca-Cola, Mars, Nestlé, Aramex, Shell, Union Bank of Switzerland, and the American Management Association. Mark Thomas is a senior partner with Performance Dynamics Management Consultants, an international business consultancy specializing in organizational change and people development. He is also a fellow of the UK Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and an associate faculty member of the Tias Business School in Holland and MCE in Brussels.
What is management?
You are a manager! Welcome to the world of people management
Projecting versus attracting strategies
So what is management really all about?
The classic functions of management
But things are changing
Managing in the knowledge era
Adapting the process of managing to the knowledge era
Two classic approaches to managing and leading in today’s organization
Task, team and individual model
The situational approach
Leadership: the most valuable attributes of a leader
Will managers become extinct?
Characteristics of the knowledge era and the worst of the old world managers
Mastering yourself
Getting in shape for the future
Insecurity as a daily phenomenon
Action plan
Developing a personal brand plan – what
is your brand value worth?
Drawing a life line chart
Conducting a personal SWOT analysis
The seven essential questions in your personal brand plan
Getting support for your personal brand plan (PBP)
Eight key activities to assist you in developing your asset base
Action points
Getting balanced – how to take control and manage
yourself and your true value
Assess your management skills
Identify areas for development at work
Mastering performance management
Managing performance
Influencing people
Some basic influencing styles – their strengths and downsides
Classic influencing styles in detail
Effective delegation
Mastering face-to-face communications
How to really listen
Six fundamental questions to ask yourself
to improve your communications style
Listening and communicating to others – some basic rules
Applying classic questioning techniques
Action point
Understanding the impact of non-verbal communications
Action point
Mastering role reviews and coaching techniques
Appraising your people
Action points
Conducting a role review and performance management meeting
A quick summary guide to running successful role reviews
Mastering poor performers
How to deal with poor performers
Managing poor performers – a quick route map
Agreeing performance targets
How to give negative feedback successfully
Receiving feedback
The ten golden rules of feedback
Mastering team management
An introduction to team performance
Team development
How to start up a team building process
A strategy for day-to-day teamworking
Team working – processes
Recognizing why teams fail
Understanding your team roles
Belbin team types summary
Mastering time management
Managing time
Action point
Managing your time effectively
Tackling ‘time robbers’
Understanding your motivation
Planning and organizing your time
Minimize the effects of interruptions
Managing crises
Ensuring that efficient time management is maintained
Mastering meetings
An introduction to managing meetings
Techniques for managing meetings
Mastering the skills of assertion
The difference between passive, assertive
and aggressive behaviour
Behaving assertively
A quick guide to developing assertiveness skills
Dealing with unjust criticism
Eight essential tips in behaving assertively
Neutralizing anger
Summary checklists
Are you a leader or a ****
Absolute don’ts for real leaders
A simple guide to managing performance
A short guide to making better use of your time
Managing people – a simple guide to assessing people
High performance team checklist
The key rules of assertiveness
Listening skills checklist
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