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Rahman M., Brebbia C.A. (eds.) Advances in Fluid Mechanics VIII

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Rahman M., Brebbia C.A. (eds.) Advances in Fluid Mechanics VIII
WIT Press 2010. 609 p. — ISBN:978-1-84564-476-5 (Wit Transactions on Engineering Sciences)
This book contains the papers presented at the Eighth International Conference on Advances in Fluid Mechanics held September 15-17, 2010, in Algarve, Portugal. This biennial conference is the latest in a successful series that began in 1996. The conference provides a platform for engineering professionals to share advances and new applications in the area of fluid mechanics
Computational methods
Turbulence modeling with the boundary element method
J. Lupše, L. Škerget & J. Ravnik
On properties of turbulence models
T. H. Moulden
Turbulence combustion closure model based on the Eddy dissipation concept for large eddy simulation
B. Panjwani, I. S. Ertesvåg, A. Gruber & K. E. Rian
Computational study on non-asymptotic behavior of developing turbulent pipe flow
W. A. S. Kumara, B. M. Halvorsen & M. C. Melaaen
Vorticity Confinement method applied to flow around an Ahmed body and comparison with experiments
M. Forman, H. Jasak, J. Volavy, M. Jicha, C. Othmer & H. P. Bensler
A new class of exact solutions of the Navier–Stokes equations for swirling flows in porous and rotating pipes
A. Fatsis, J. Statharas, A. Panoutsopoulou & N. Vlachakis
Implementation of an LES mixed subgrid model for the numerical investigation of flow around a circular cylinder at Re = 3,900 and 140,
J. Wong & E. Png
Adaptive meshfree method for thermo-fluid problems with phase change
G. Kosec & B. Šarler
Particle level set implementation on the finite volume method
M. Elmi & M. Kolahdouzan
Bidimensional modeling for incompressible viscous flow using the Circumcenter Based Approach in an unstructured grid
A. L. Fazenda & J. S. Travelho
Pressure-enthalpy coupling for subsonic flows with density variation
M. Emans, S. Frolov, B. Lidskii, V. Posvyanskii, Z. Žunič
& B. Basara
Study of ventilation reversion of airflow in mining roadways and tunnels by CFD and experimental methods
S. Torno, J. Toraño & J. Velasco
Dam break Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamic modeling based on Riemann solvers
L. Minatti & A.Pasculli
Numerical modelling of the filling of formworks with self-compacting concrete
S. Tichko, J. Van De Maele, N. Vanmassenhove, G. De Schutter,
J. Vierendeels, R. Verhoeven & P. Troch
Analysis of tunnel compression wave generation and distortion by the lattice Boltzmann method
K. Akamatsu & M. Tsutahara
A universal multi-dimensional charge and mass transfer model
G. Kennell & R. W. Evitts
Numerical investigation of the jet formation through the oscillation of a bubble between a couple of parallel walls
R. M. B. Teymouri & G. Ahmadi
The VOF method applied to the numerical simulation of a 2D liquid jet under gravity
G. Rocco, G. Coppola & L. de Luca
Large eddy simulation of particle laden jet flow with aerodynamic three-way coupling
A. Jadoon & J.Revstedt
High quality triangular grid generation for the risk analysis of a special lagoon
B. Tansel
Experimental measurements Validation of airflow measurement in ducts using Laser Doppler
Anemometry and Computational Fluid Dynamics modelling
A. Mayes, S. Mitchell, J. Missenden & A. Gilbert
Flow field assessment in a vertical axis wind turbine
R. Ricci, S. Montelpare, A. Secchiaroli & V. D’Alessandro
Characteristics of boundary layer flow induced by a solitary wave
C. Lin, S. C. Hsieh, S.M. Yu & R. V. Raikar
Peculiarities of hydrodynamics in the evaporation of hydrocarbon dro
G. Miliauskas, S. Sinkunas, J.Talubinskas & K. Sinkunas
Exact solutions of the two-dimensional Boussinesq and Dispersive water waves equations
F. P. Barrera, T. Brugarino & F. Montano
Modelling gravity-driven flow over uneven surfaces
K. A. Ogden, S. J. D. D’Alessio & J. P. Pascal
Sizing of a plastic chamber with air-filled balls for water hammer con
A. Al-Khomairi & S. Ead
Capture flows of funnel-and-gate reactive barriers without gravel pack
H. Klammler, K. Hatfield & A. Kacimov
Airfoil cascades with bistable separation control
V. Tesař
Surface forces and wetting features in drops and capillaries
M. G. Velarde & V. M. Starov
Power optimization of the complex pumping system
A. Alexandrescu
Fluid structure interaction
Hydrodynamic loading on elliptic cylinders in regular waves
M. Rahman & S. H. Mousavizadegan
Wave effect on the trajectory of a high-speed rigid body in a water column
P. C. Chu & C. Fan
Dispersion relation of flow-induced wave of a flexible web subjected to fluid flow in a narrow gap
M. Watanabe, G. Kudou & K. Hara
Fluid/structure interaction analysis using the Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamic method
D. Delsart, N. Toso-Pentecôte, A. Vagnot, L. Castelletti, U. Mercurio
& S. Alguadich
Environmental impacts on coastal structures with a case evaluation of armor stone protection at Keweenaw Waterway, USA
M. Zakikhani, D. W. Harrelson, J. G. Tom, J. A. Kissane, M. K. Allis & J. E. Kolber
Numerical simulation of reservoir fluctuation effects on the nonlinear dynamic response of concrete arch dams
M. A. Hariri Ardebili & H. Mirzabozorg
Fluid–structure simulation of a viscoelastic hydrofoil subjected to quasi-steady flow
R. L. Campbell, E. G. Paterson, M. C. Reese & S. A. Hambric
Multiphase flow
Visualization of ultrasonic cavitation in visible and IR spectra
A. Osterman, O. Coutier-Delgosha, M. Hocevar & B. Sirok
Question for Euler–Lagrange type simulator from a view point of macroscopic properties of gas-liquid multiphase flow
K. Ueyama
Control of a magnetic fluid drop moving in a viscous fluid inside a cylinder
M. Shinohara
The development and water-air two-phase test results of an electrical submersible pump visualization prototype
F. E. Trevisan & M. G. Prado
Simulation of multiphase flows withvariable surface tension using the Lattice Boltzmann method
S. Stensholt
Tetra-marching procedure for high order Level Contour Reconstruction Method
I. Yoon & S. Shin
A qualitative model of flashing across an aperture with a pressure differential
G. C. Polanco, A. E.Holdo & G. Munday
Applications in biology
Modelling nanoparticle transport in an animal exposure chamber: a comparison between numerical and experimental measurements
F. Morency & S. Hallé
The influence on Dobutamine docking of blood flow around the sinoatrial node
A. K. Macpherson, S. Neti, M. Averbach, P. A. Macpherson,
C. Chu Takositkanon & M. Chaney
Electronic components cooling
Enhancement of conjugate heat transfer from electronic chips with a rotating tri-vane assembly
R. I. Bourisli
Experimental study of the turbulent flow around a single wall-mounted prism obstacle placed in a cross-flow and an impinging jet
Y. Masip, A. Rivas, A. Bengoechea, R. Antón, G. S. Larraona
& J. C. Ramos
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