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Klein L.R. (Ed.) The Making of National Economic Forecasts

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Klein L.R. (Ed.) The Making of National Economic Forecasts
Edward Elgar Pub, 2009. – 386 p. – ISBN: 1847204899, 9781847204899
This important book, prepared under the direction of Nobel Laureate Lawrence R. Klein, shows how economic forecasts are made. It explains how modern developments in information technology have made it possible to forecast frequently - at least monthly but also weekly or bi-weekly - depending upon the perceived needs of potential forecasts users but also on the availability of updated material.
The book focuses on forecasts in a diverse range of economies including the United States, China, India, Russia, Germany, Japan, South Korea, and Turkey.
At a time of great economic uncertainty, this book makes an important contribution by showing how new information technology can be used to prepare national economic forecasts.
Background to national economic forecasts and the high-frequency model of the USA – Lawrence R. Klein
Forecasting the sustainability of China’s economic performance: early twenty-fi rst century and beyond – Wendy Mak
The economic growth story in India: past, present and prospects for the future – Sudip Ranjan Basu
High-frequency forecasting model for the Russian economy – Vladimir Eskin and Mikhail Gusev
Short-term forecasting of key indicators of the German economy – Andrei Roudoi
Mexico: current quarter forecasts – Alfredo Coutino
A high-frequency forecasting model and its application to the Japanese economy – Yoshihisa Inada
The making of national economic forecasts: South Korea – You Chan ‘Kevin’ Chung
Current quarter model for Turkey – Suleyman Ozmucur
Estimation of the US Treasury yield curve at daily and intra-daily frequency – Lawrence R. Klein and Suleyman Ozmucur
Using data and models at mixed frequencies in computation and forecasting – Fyodor I. Kushnirsky
Using sentiment surveys to predict GDP growth and stock returns – Giselle Guzman
Appendix: preliminary analysis of Brazil – Andrei Roudoi
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