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Moran M.J. et al. Introduction to Thermal Systems Engineering: Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, and Heat Transfer

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Moran M.J. et al. Introduction to Thermal Systems Engineering: Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, and Heat Transfer
Moran Michael J., Shapiro Howard N., Munson Bruce R., DeWitt David P. — John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2003. 567 p. — ISBN:0-471-20490-0
This survey of thermal systems engineering combines coverage of thermodynamics, fluid flow, and heat transfer in one volume. Developed by leading educators in the field, this book sets the standard for those interested in the thermal-fluids market. Drawing on the best of what works from market leading texts in thermodynamics (Moran), fluids (Munson) and heat transfer (Incropera), this book introduces thermal engineering using a systems focus, introduces structured problem-solving techniques, and provides applications of interest to all engineers
What Is Thermal Systems Engineering?
Getting Started
Thermal System Case Studies
Analysis of Thermal Systems
How to Use This Book Effectively
Getting Started in Thermodynamics: Introductory Concepts and Definitions
Defining Systems
Describing Systems and Their Behavior
Units and Dimensions
Two Measurable Properties: Specific Volume and Pressure
Measuring Temperature
Methodology for Solving Problems
Summary and Study Guide
Using Energy and the First Law of Thermodynamics
Reviewing Mechanical Concepts of Energy
Broadening Our Understanding of Work
Modeling Expansion or Compression Work
Broadening Our Understanding of Energy
Energy Transfer by Heat
Energy Accounting: Energy Balance for Closed Systems
Energy Analysis of Cycles
Summary and Study Guide
Evaluating Properties
Fixing the State
Evaluating Properties: General Considerations
p-v-T Relation
Retrieving Thermodynamics Properties
p-v-T Relations for Gases
Evaluating Properties Using the Ideal
Gas Model
Ideal Gas Model
Internal Energy, Enthalpy, and Specific Heats of
Ideal Gases
Evaluating u and h of Ideal Gases
Polytropic Process of an Ideal Gas
Summary and Study Guide
Control Volume Analysis Using Energy
Conservation of Mass for a Control Volume
Conservation of Energy for a Control Volume
Analyzing Control Volumes at Steady State
Summary and Study Guide
The Second Law of Thermodynamics
Introducing the Second Law
Identifying Irreversibilities
Applying the Second Law to Thermodynamic Cycles
Maximum Performance Measures for Cycles Operating between Two Reservoirs
Carnot Cycle
Summary and Study Guide
Using Entropy
Introducing Entropy
Retrieving Entropy Data
Entropy Change in Internally Reversible Processes
Entropy Balance for Closed Systems
Entropy Rate Balance for Control Volumes
Isentropic Processes
Isentropic Efficiencies of Turbines, Nozzles, Compressors, and Pumps
Heat Transfer and Work in Internally Reversible, Steady-State Flow Processes
Accounting for Mechanical Energy
Accounting for Internal Energy
Summary and Study Guide
Vapor Power and Refrigeration Systems
Vapor Power Systems
Modeling Vapor Power Systems
Analyzing Vapor Power Systems—Rankine Cycle
Improving Performance—Superheat and Reheat
Improving Performance—Regenerative Vapor Power Cycle
Vapor Refrigeration and Heat Pump
Vapor Refrigeration Systems
Analyzing Vapor-Compression Refrigeration Systems
Vapor-Compression Heat Pump Systems
Working Fluids for Vapor Power and Refrigeration Systems
Summary and Study Guide
Gas Power Systems
Internal Combustion Engines
Engine Terminology
Air-Standard Otto Cycle
Air-Standard Diesel Cycle
Gas Turbine Power Plants
Modeling Gas Turbine Power Plants
Air-Standard Brayton Cycle
Regenerative Gas Turbines
Gas Turbines for Aircraft Propulsion (CD-ROM)
Summary and Study Guide
Psychrometric Applications (CD-ROM)
All material in Chapter 10 is available on the CD-ROM only
Introducing Psychrometric Principles
Evaluating the Dew Point Temperature
Psychrometers: Measuring the Wet-Bulb and Dry-Bulb Temperatures
Psychrometric Charts
Analyzing Air-Conditioning Processes
Cooling Towers
Summary and Study Guide
Getting Started in Fluid
Mechanics: Fluid Statics
Pressure Variation in a Fluid at Rest
Measurement of Pressure
Mechanical and Electronic Pressure and Measuring Devices
Hydrostatic Force on a Plane Surface
Summary and Study Guide
The Momentum and Mechanical Energy Equations
Fluid Flow Preliminaries
Momentum Equation
Applying the Momentum Equation
The Bernoulli Equation
Further Examples of Use of the Bernoulli Equation
The Mechanical Energy Equation
Applying the Mechanical Energy Equation
Compressible Flow (CD-ROM)
One-dimensional Steady Flow in Nozzles and Diffusers (CD-ROM)
Flow in Nozzles and Diffusers of Ideal Gases with Constant Specific Heats (CD-ROM)
Summary and Study Guide
Similitude, Dimensional
Analysis, and Modeling
Dimensional Analysis
Dimensions, Dimensional Homogeneity, and Dimensional Analysis
Buckingham Pi Theorem and Pi Terms
Method of Repeating Variables
Common Dimensionless Groups in Fluid Mechanics
Correlation of Experimental Data
Modeling and Similitude
Summary and Study Guide
Internal and External Flow
Internal Flow
General Characteristics of Pipe Flow
Fully Developed Laminar Flow
Laminar Pipe Flow Characteristics (CD-ROM)
Fully Developed Turbulent Flow
Pipe Flow Head Loss
Pipe Flow Examples
Pipe Volumetric Flow Rate Measurement (CD-ROM)
External Flow
Boundary Layer on a Flat Plate
General External Flow Characteristics
Drag Coefficient Data
Summary and Study Guide
Heat Transfer
Getting Started in Heat Transfer: Modes, Rate Equations and Energy Balances
Heat Transfer Modes: Physical Origins and Rate
Applying the First Law in Heat Transfer
The Surface Energy Balance
Summary and Study Guide
Heat Transfer by Conduction
Introduction to Conduction Analysis
Steady-State Conduction
Conduction with Energy Generation
Heat Transfer from Extended Surfaces: Fins
Transient Conduction
Summary and Study Guide
Heat Transfer by Convection
The Problem of Convection
Forced Convection
External Flow
Internal Flow
Free Convection
Free Convection
Convection Application: Heat Exchangers
Heat Exchangers
Summary and Study Guide
Heat Transfer by Radiation
Fundamental Concepts
Radiation Quantities and Processes
Blackbody Radiation
Spectrally Selective Surfaces
Radiation Properties of Real Surfaces
Radiative Exchange Between Surfaces in Enclosures
The View Factor
Blackbody Radiation Exchange
Radiation Exchange between Diffuse-Gray Surfaces in an Enclosure
Summary and Study Guide
Index to Property Tables and Figures
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