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Deuling T. Aptana Studio Beginner's Guide

Deuling T. Aptana Studio Beginner's Guide
Packt Publishing, 2013. — 298 p.
Develop web applications effectively with the Aptana Studio 3 IDE
Learn how easy it is to install Aptana Studio 3 and tailor it perfectly to your needs.
Dive into important aspects with Aptana Studio 3 such as workspaces and projects.
Work with Aptana Studio in a large distributed Team.
In Detail
Aptana Studio 3 is a powerful web development IDE based on the Eclipse platform and provides many innovative technologies and features for developing effective, modern hi-standard web-applications. Aptana has been around since 2008 and it provides language support for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, Rails, PHP, Python, and many others by using plugins.
Aptana Studio Beginner's Guide is packed with the author's experience of several years developing with Aptana Studio. It's not just a powerful guide, it's a practical, hands-on introduction to Aptana Studio as a whole. If you want to harness Aptana Studio to enhance your web-development productivity, then read this book.
You will start by setting up your own installation of Aptana Studio, and will be guided step-by-step through the various stages of developing with Aptana Studio.
You will learn how to manage all your work in workspaces and projects, and how you can optimize your projects depending on the nature of the project.
In addition, you will be taught how to work on remote servers or manage your source code with Git and SVN.
Finally, you will have a fully configured IDE and be equipped with the knowledge about how to work and manage large web-projects.
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