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Loudon D., Stevens R., Wrenn B. Marketing Management: Text and Cases

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Loudon D., Stevens R., Wrenn B. Marketing Management: Text and Cases
Best Business Books, 2005. – 390 p. – ISBN: 0789012332, 9780789012333
This book is intended for use in undergraduate and graduate mar-keting management courses. We have tried to prepare a text that coversall of the essential managerial elements of marketing with sufficientdetail to provide a review for marketing, background for nonmar-keting majors in a case-oriented teaching environment, and challengeto take students to the next level of understanding marketing.
The selection of cases provides a wide variety of managerial situa-tions for small, medium, and large companies. Also included are sev-eral entreprenurial cases that focus on the issues of product or busi-ness start-ups to expose students to the types of analyses needed forthese decision-making situations.
About the Authors
Case Contributors
The Marketing Management Process
Customer Analysis
Competitive Analysis
Financial Analysis for Marketing Decisions
Marketing Planning: Strategic Perspectives
Marketing Planning: Operational Perspectives
Implementing Marketing Plans
Evaluation and Control of Marketing Activities
Watercrest Park
Superior Electrical Contractors: Residential Services Division
Gateway Medical Waste Transport of Colorado
National Foundations, Inc. Case
5. Mildred’s Caddy
Jay’s Travel Trailer Park
The Box Factory, Inc.
Central Bank: Automatic Teller Machines
Cell Tech
The Interfraternity Council
Jill’s House of Cakes
Putting the Frosting on Cheerios
Spencer’s Supermarket
Lakewood Players
BCH TeleCommunications
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