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Hutt M.D., Speh T.W. Business Marketing Management: B2B

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Hutt M.D., Speh T.W. Business Marketing Management: B2B
South-Western, Cengage Learning, 2010. — 668 p. — ISBN 032458167X, 9780324581676.
Special challenges and opportunities confront the marketer who intends to serve theneeds of organizations rather than households. Business-to-business customers representa lucrative and complex market worthy of separate analysis. A growing numberof collegiate schools of business in the United States, Canada, and Europe have addedindustrial or business marketing to their curricula. In addition, a large and growingnetwork of scholars in the United States and Europe is actively engaged in researchto advance theory and practice in the business marketing fi eld. Both the breadth andquality of this research has increased markedly during the past decade.
The Environment of Business Marketing
A Business Marketing Perspective
The Business Market: Perspectives on the Organizational Buyer
Managing Relationships in Business Marketing
Organizational Buying Behavior
Customer Relationship Management Strategies for Business Markets
Assessing Market Opportunities
Segmenting the Business Market and Estimating Segment Demand
Formulating Business Marketing Strategy
Business Marketing Planning: Strategic Perspectives
Business Marketing Strategies for Global Markets
Managing Products for Business Markets
Managing Innovation and New Industrial Product Development
Managing Services for Business Markets
Managing Business Marketing Channels
E-Commerce Strategies for Business Markets
Supply Chain Management
Pricing Strategy for Business Markets
Business Marketing Communications:
Advertising and Sales Promotion
Business Marketing Communications:
Managing the Personal Selling Function
Evaluating Business Marketing Strategy and Performance
Marketing Performance Measurement
Name Index
Subject Index
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