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Hillier V., Coombs P. Hillier's Fundamentals of Motor Vehicle Technology (Book 1)

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Hillier V., Coombs P. Hillier's Fundamentals of Motor Vehicle Technology (Book 1)
5th Edition. V.A.W. Hillier P. Coombes, 1966, 1972, 1981, 1991, 2004. 544 p. — ISBN:0 7487 8082 3
Vehicle Evolution, Layout and Structure
Vehicle evolution
Vehicle layout
Vehicle structure
Routine maintenance
The internal-combustion reciprocating engine
Working principles of the four-stroke and two-stroke engine
Torque and power
Single-cylinder and multi-cylinder engines
Connecting rods
Pistons, piston rings and gudgeon pins
Intake, exhaust valves and valve springs
Valve operating mechanisms
Intake manifolds
Air cleaners and filters
Exhaust systems, silencers and catalytic converters
Engine lubricants
The engine lubrication system
The engine cooling system
Supercharging and turbocharging (forced induction)
The petrol four-stroke cycle in detail: valve and ignition timing
Combustion and combustion chambers
Intake manifold design – petrol engines
The requirements of a fuel delivery system
The fuel supply system
Electronic petrol injection – multi-point
Electronic petrol injection – single point
Mechanical petrol injection
The simple carburettor
Constant-choke carburettors
Variable choke – constant-depression carburettors
Ignition systems
Engine management
Vehicle emissions
The diesel four-stroke cycle in detail
Diesel combustion
Diesel engine combustion chambers
Main components of the diesel engine
Mechanical aspects of the diesel fuel system
Electronic diesel fuel system
Diesel emissions
Routine engine maintenance
Routine maintenance of the petrol fuel system
Ignition systems – routine maintenance
Routine maintenance of the diesel engine
Alternative types of engine and fuel
Transmission Systems
The gearbox and gear ratios
Different types of gears and gearboxes
Drive configuration
Rear-wheel drive layout
Front-wheel drive layout
Four-wheel drive layout
Single-plate clutches
Multi-plate clutches
The sliding-mesh gearbox
Constant-mesh and synchromesh gearboxes
Rear-, front- and four-wheel drive gearboxes
Automatic gearbox (gear system and fluid coupling)
Automatic gearbox (operation)
Electronically controlled gearboxes
Continuously variable transmission
Overdrive systems
Propeller shafts and drive shafts
Universal and constant velocity
Final drive gears
The differential
Rear axle construction
Four-wheel drive systems
Clutch routine maintenance
Routine maintenance of manual and automatic gearboxes
Routine maintenance of prop shaft and drive shaft
Clutch fault diagnosis
Manual gearbox fault diagnosis
Automatic gearbox fault diagnosis
Steering and Suspension Systems
Directional control and steering systems
Camber, castor and swivel-axis inclination
Steering system components
Power assisted steering
Rear-wheel and four-wheel steering
Steering systems and wheel alignment – routine maintenance
The requirements of a spring
Types and characteristics of metal springs
Rubber suspension
Gas and air suspension
Suspension dampers
Rigid axle suspension
Independent front suspension (IFS)
Independent rear suspension (IRS)
Wheel balance
Steering and suspension maintenance and diagnosis
Braking Systems
Braking principles
Brake operating systems
Drum brakes
Disc brakes
Hydraulic brake operating systems
Power assistance
Anti-lock braking systems
Brake routine maintenance
Body and Chassis Systems
Heating and ventilation
Climate control
Heating and ventilation – routine maintenance
Heating and ventilation – fault diagnosis
Passenger safety and restraint systems
Passenger safety and restraint systems – routine maintenance and diagnosis
Vehicle Electrical Systems
Basic principles of electricity
Electrical circuits and calculations
The battery
The charging system
The starter system
The lighting system
Auxiliary lighting and equipment
Electrical systems – routine maintenance
Plain bearings
Ball and roller bearings
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