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Larsen H.H., Mayrhofer W. (Eds.) Managing Human Resources in Europe: A thematic approach

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Larsen H.H., Mayrhofer W. (Eds.) Managing Human Resources in Europe: A thematic approach
Routledge, 2006. – 300 p. – ISBN: 0415351006, 9780415351003
This informative text provides an analysis of the ten most important themes in European HRM. It takes a thematic yet critical approach and includes three distinct country examples in each chapter, paying special attention to dilemmas, controversies, paradoxes and problems in the field. The major themes covered here are the role of the institutional context, the importance of various organizational forms for HRM, the roles and contributions of HRM within the organization and the impact of societal macro-trends on HRM.
Written and edited by leading European authorities, this text is essential reading for all those studying or working in HRM in Europe, and allows an exciting synthesis of theory and practice, illustrated with living case studies.
European HRM: A Distinct Field of Research and Practice
The European Union and HRM: Impact on Present and Future Members
Deregulation: HRM and the Flexibility-Security Nexus
European Employment Relations: From Collectivism to Individualism?
HRM in Multinational Corporations: Strategies and Systems
HRM in Small and Medium Enterprises: Typical, but Typically Ignored
HRM in Not-For-Profit International Organizations: Different, but also Alike
Measuring HRM: The Acid Test for Managing Intangible Resources
HRM and Organizational Performance: Universal and Contextual Evidence
Role of HR Professionals: OD Consultants, Strategic Brokers or Individual Therapists?
Diversity and Diversity Management: A Comparative Advantage?
Virtualization: Boundaryless Organizations and Electronic Human Resource Management
European HRM: On the Road Again
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