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Society for HRM. Weathering Storms: Human Resources in Difficult Times

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Society for HRM. Weathering Storms: Human Resources in Difficult Times
Society For Human Resource Management, 2009. – 176 p. – ISBN: 1586441345, 9781586441340
Filled with tools to help strategize during periods of economic turbulence, this invaluable resource provides human resource professionals with proactive guidance. Addressing important issues such as the declining value of the dollar, 401(k) plans, and downsizing, this thorough handbook demonstrates how companies can minimize risks and become more adaptable when facing such troubles. Experts in the field offer personal insight and highlight the role that HR professionals play in healthy businesses, allowing for better management of successful and emerging corporations.
Introduction: Making the Right Decisions During Economic Downturns (Peter Cappelli)
Proactive HR Solutions
When Business Hiccups—The Prepared HR Pro (John Sweeney)
Managing Employees in a Downsized Environment (Marcia Scott, Managing a Downturn (Susan J. Wells).
Riding Out the Storm with Clear Explanations (Steve Taylor).
Many Plan To Scale Back Benefits, Pay Raises as Economy Slows (Stephen Miller).
As Staffing Slips, Recruiters Must Work Harder (Theresa Minton-Recruiting Grads (Theresa Minton-Eversole).
Address Financial Ills To Reduce Other Workplace Problems (Rebecca R. Hastings, SPHR)
Prune Employees Carefully (Adrienne Fox)
Reduction in Force and Employees with Performance Problems.Employers Using Benefits To Help Employees Fill the Tank Tighter Times, Leaner Technology (Jennifer Taylor Arnold)
Soft Real Estate Market Impacts Corporate Relocation Programs (Stephen Miller).
Personalized Transition: Workers Are Demanding More Sophisticated Outplacement Services (Donna M. Owens).
Easing the Burden of Financial Stress in the Workplace (Elizabeth)
Easing the Burden of Employees’ Debt (Peter Weaver and Gina Employee Forgivable Loans (Anne St. Martin).
Keep Workers 401(k)-Focused (Nancy Hatch Woodward)
The Difference between a Furlough, a Layoff, and a Reduction Selecting Employees for Layoff
The Tools: Definitions, Guidelines, Sample Policies, Letters, and Forms WARN Notice
Older Workers Act Waiver

Letter of Transfer.
Transportation Benefit Plan Enrollment/Change/Cancellation Form
Transportation Benefit Plan Reimbursement Request
Telecommuting Application
Compressed Workweek.
Flextime Request Form.
Flexible Work Arrangement Agreement.
Alternative Work Schedule Policy
Job-Sharing Memo of Understanding
Summer Flextime Policy
Summer Flextime Request Form.
Take the Summer Off Program Policy.
Work Sabbatical Policy
Work Sabbatical Leave Form
Voluntary Reduction in Force (RIF) Separation Program. 401(k) Plan: Hardship Withdrawal Request.
Layoff and Recall Policy.
Low-Need Time.
Separation Agreement and Release of Claims
Reduction in Force Selection and Severance Pay
Involuntary Termination Policy.
Sample Letter: Benefits Changes Due to Reduction in Hours.
Sample Letter: Layoff or RIF—Lack of Work.
Sample Letter: Reduction in Force—Declining Sales.
Sample Letter: Termination Because of Layoff, Downsizing, Etc
Conclusion: After the Layoff: How Are You Feeling? (Adrienne Fox)
Additional Resources
About the Contributors.
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