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Spinelli S., Rosenberg R.M., Birley S. Franchising: Pathway to Wealth Creation

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Spinelli S., Rosenberg R.M., Birley S. Franchising: Pathway to Wealth Creation
USA: Pearson Education Inc, 2004. – 234 p.
ISBN 0-13-009717-9
Franchising as Entrepreneurship
What It Means to Be Entrepreneurial
Franchising: Small and Big Business
Modeling Entrepreneurship
Opportunity Recognition: Market Structure and Competition
Opportunity Recognition: Market Size
Opportunity Recognition: Margin Analysis
Resource Marshaling: The Establishment of the Service
Delivery System (SDS) The Entrepreneurial Team Conclusion Endnotes
The Franchise Relationship Model
The Customer: How Does Opportunity Recognition
Work in Franchising? Establishing the Service Delivery System (SDS):
How Does the FRM Provide a Framework
for Marshaling Resources?
Transaction Analysis: In the Franchise Relationship,
How Are Responsibilities of the Franchisor
and Franchisee Allocated? Financial Structure: What Is the Financial Model
of the Franchise Concept? Agency Issues: How to Find the Right Franchise Partner Relational Dynamics: How Are Tasks Best Monitored? Information Systems The Dynamics of the Franchisee–Franchisor Relationship:
How Does the Franchise Entrepreneurial Alliance Adjust
for Changes in the Market? Conclusion Endnotes
The Wealth-Creating Power of Franchising Understanding the Motivations of an Entrepreneur to Become
a Franchisor Franchise Risk Profile Template: An Introduction Agency Problems and Administrative Efficiency Buy a franchise, or launch a standalone? How Do Franchisors Determine the Amount of Franchisee
Fees and Royalties? Size and Risk Management Balancing Company and Franchised Outlets Resource Constraints Franchise Disclosure: An Insight into Individual Franchisor
Health and Wealth License Agreement: How the Franchise Shares
Responsibilities and Wealth Key Factors in the Franchise Relationship Public Capitalization: An Expanded View of the Franchise
Company Conclusion
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