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Arman H., Yuksel I. (eds.) New Developments in Renewable Energy

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Arman H., Yuksel I. (eds.) New Developments in Renewable Energy
InTech, 2013. 418 p. — ISBN:978-953-51-1040-8.
The book contains sections: Energy Utilization, Conservation and Social Consideration, Modeling and Analysis, Wind Power, Biomass, Ocean Energy, Geothermal, Bio Fuels, Fuel Cell and Integrated System. Each section has a number of chapters addressing various issues related to renewable energy.
Energy Utilization, Conservation and Social Consideration
Present Situation and Future Prospect of Energy Utilization and Climate Change in Turkey
Energy Savings Resulting from Installation of an Extensive Vegetated Roof System on a Campus Building in the Southeastern United States
On the Public Policies Supporting Renewables and Wind Power Overcapacity: Insights into the European Way Forward
Viewing Energy, Poverty and Sustainability in Developing Countries Through a Gender Lens
Section 2 Modeling and Analysis
Improved Stochastic Modeling: An Essential Tool for Power System Scheduling in the Presence of Uncertain Renewables
Modeling of Photovoltaic Cell Using Free Software Application for Training and Design Circuit in Photovoltaic Solar Energy
Steady State Modeling of Three Phase Self-Excited Induction Generator Under Unbalanced/Balanced Conditions
Maximum Power Extraction from Utility-Interfaced Wind Turbines
Comparative Analysis of Endowments Effect Renewable Energy Efficiency Among OECD Countries
Wind Power
Wind Speed Regionalization Under Climate Change Conditions
Biomass Conversion to Energy in Tanzania: A Critique
Ocean Energy
Ocean's Renewable Power and Review of Technologies: Case Study Waves
ORC-Based Geothermal Power Generation and C02-Based EGS for Combined Green Power Generation and C02 Sequestration
Fuel Cell
Methodology of Designing Power Converters for Fuel Cell Based Systems: A Resonant Approach
Integrated System
Wind Diesel Hybrid Power System with Hydrogen Storage
Sustainable Power Generation Through Co-Combustion of Agricultural Residues with Coal in Existing Coal Power Plant
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