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Jensen Robin Margaret. Face to face: portraits of the divine in early Christianity

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Jensen Robin Margaret. Face to face: portraits of the divine in early Christianity
Augsburg Fortress, 2005. - 254 р.
Visual Art, Portraits, and Idolatry
Early Christian Views of Visual Art: Historical Analyses
Art and Idolatry in the Early Third-Century Christian Writings
Jewish Background for Christian Rejection of Visual Art
The Earliest Examples and Types of Christian Visual Art:
Church Regulation
Portraits: A Particular Kind of Problematic Image
The First Portraits
Image and Portrait in Roman Culture and Religion
Idealization versus Realism in Roman Portraiture
The Savior-Type and the I'hilosopher
Funerary Portraits
Portraits and Presence - The Image of the Emperor
The Images of the Gods
The Invisible God and the Visible Image
Justin Martyr: Refutation of Jdols and Divine Theophanies
lrenaeus: The Unity of God against the Gnostics
Tertullian: The Dignity of the Incamation and the Distinction of the Persons of the Trinity
Clement of Alexandria:
Philosophical Aniconism and the Futility of Idols
Andent Roman Precedents for Christian Aniconism
The Philosophical Argument in the First Four Centuries C.E.
First-Century and Early Rabbinic Teachings on the lnviisible God
Theophilus, Novatian, and Origen: Salvific Vision ("Seeing God and Living")
Seeing the Divine in the Fourth and Early Fifth Centuries
The Invisible God in the Fourth Century
The Anthropomorphite Controversy
Augustine and the Problem of the Invisible God
Portrayals of God and the Trinity in Visual Art of the Third and Fourth
Portraits of the Incarnate One
Traditions and Legends regarding Jesus' Appearance
Jesus'Variant and Changing Appearances in literary Sources
Jesus' Variant and Changing Appearances in Art
Jesus as Savior and Healer: The Beautiful Youth
Jesus as Teacher, Philosopher, and Ruler: The Bearded Type
Christology and the Image of Christ in Ravenna
The Transfigured Christ and the Two Natures Controversy
Christoiogy, Salvation, and the Role of the Image
Early Portraits of the Saints and the Question of Likeness
Descriptions of Saints' Portraits in literary Documents
Specific Examples of Holy Portraits
The Question of Likenes: Conclusion
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