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Jones Michael. Leningrad. State of Siege

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Jones Michael. Leningrad. State of Siege
London: John Murray. 2008 - 473 c. На английском языке.
The siege of Leningrad was first dealt with comprehensively by Harrison Salisbury's The 900 Days in 1969 and further detailed by David Glantz's The Battle for Leningrad, 1941-1944 in 2002. British historian Michael Jones builds upon these earlier works, as well as interviews he conducted with survivors of the siege in order to write Leningrad: State of Siege. Jones' book is narrowly focused on the worst period of the siege during November 1941 to March 1942. The authors' main focus is on the human horror and tragedy occurring within the city, where tens of thousands were starving to death each month, although he does reserve some space to discuss the futile defense of the Nevskaya Dubrovka bridgehead.
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