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Ramos E., Cisneros G., Fernandez-Flores R., Santillan-Gonzalez A. (eds.) Computational Fluid Mechanics

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Ramos E., Cisneros G., Fernandez-Flores R., Santillan-Gonzalez A. (eds.) Computational Fluid Mechanics
World Scientific, 2001. 277 p. – ISBN:981-02-4535-1
This volume presents recent advances in computational fluid dynamics. The topics range from fundamentals and computational techniques to a wide variety of applications in astronomy, applied mathematics and meteorology. They describe recent calculations in direct numerical simulation of turbulence, applications of turbulence modelling of pollution problems in mesoscale meteorology and industrial applications. The emerging topic of parallelization of CFD codes is also presented. This volume should appeal to graduate students, researchers and anyone interested in using digital computation as a powerful tool for solving fluid dynamics problems in science and technology.
Very High Resolution Simulations of Compressible, Turbulent Flows
Paul R. Woodward, David H. Porter, Igor Sytine, S. E. Anderson, Arthur A. Mirin, B. C. Curtis, Ronald H. Cohen, William P. Dannevik, Andris M. Dimits, Donald E. Eliason, Karl-Heinz Winkler and Stephen W. Hodson
Instabilities and Filamentation of Dispersive Alfven Waves
D. Laveder, T. Passot and P. L. Sulem
Astrophysical Jets
A. C. Raga, H. Sobral, M. Villagran-Muniz, R. Navarro-Gonzalez, S. Curiel, L. F. Rodriguez and J. Canto
A Nonhydrostatic Meteorological Model (Meso-NH) Applied to High Angular Resolution in Astronomy: 3D Characterization and Forecasting of the Optical Turbulence
Elena Masciadri
Numerical Simulations of Interplanetary Shock Waves Using ZEUS-3D
A. Santilldn, J. A. Gonzdlez-Esparza and M. A. Ydnez
Photoionizing Shocks in the Interstellar Medium
S. J. Arthur
Numerical Simulation of the Interaction between Jets and Supernova Remnants
Pablo Fabian Velazquez and Alejandro Raga
Thermal Instability in a Turbulent Medium
A. Gazol, E. Vazquez-Semadeni and J. Scalo
Turbulent Dissipation in the Interstellar Medium in the Presence of Discrete Energy Sources
Vladimir Avila-Reese and Enrique Vazquez-Semadeni
The Density Probability Distribution Function in Turbulent, Isothermal, Magnetized Flows in a Slab Geometry
Enrique Vazquez-Semadeni and Thierry Passot
Multifractal Structure in Simulations and Observations of the Interstellar Medium
Wilder Chicana Nuncebay and Enrique Vazquez-Semadeni
Stratiform Low Clouds: Phenomenology and Large Eddy Simulations
Douglas K. Lilly
On the Modeling of Deep Convective Clouds over Mexico City
F. B. Raga and J. Morfin
Spectral Structure of Growing Normal Modes for Exact Solutions to the Barotropic Vorticity Equation on a Sphere
Yuri N. Skiba and Andrei Y. Strelkov
Numerical and computational aspects
Distributed Parallel Simulation of Surface Tension Driven Viscous Flow and Transport Processes
G.F. Carey, R. Malay, W. Barth, S. Swift and B. Kirk
Considerations for Scalable CFD on the SGI ccNUMA Architecture
M.D. Kremenetsky, S. A. Posey and T. L. Tysinger
Parallelization of a Two-Way Interactive Grid Nesting Atmospheric Model
Patrick Jabouille
Natural Convection in a Cubical Porous Cavity: Solution by Orthogonal Collocation
Hugo Jimenez-Islas
Numerical Solutions of Nonlinear DIA Equations and Calculation of Turbulent Diffusivities
N.A. Silant'ev
From Stars to Volcanoes: The SPH Story
J. J. Monaghan
A Parallel Lattice-Boltzmann Method for Large Scale Simulations of Complex Fluids
Maziar Nekovee, Jonathan Chin, Nelido Gonzalez-Segredo and Peter V. Coveney
Natural Convection in a Slender Container
Luis M. de la Cruz and Eduardo Ramos
Effect on Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer of Dephasing between Plates in Wavy Plate Passages
R. Romero-Mendez, M. Soto-Cabrero, M. Sen, W. Franco-Consuegra and A. Hernandez Guerrero
Analysis of the Numerical Simulation of the Filling System Used in Production of Aluminum Pistons
A.R. Cabrera-Ruiz, A. Soria-Vinas, M. Caudillo-Ramirez and A. Hernandez-Guerrero
Isotherms in a Solid with a Tilted Fracture and their Effects on the Local Fluid Motion
A.Medina, E. Luna, C Perez-Rosales and C. Trevino
Basic Numerical Simulations in Kaluza's Magnetohydrodynamics
Alfredo Sandoval-Villalbazo, Ana Laura Garcia-Perciante and Leopoldo S. Garcia-Colin
Understanding Dilute Gases: Going beyond the Navier-Stokes Equations
F. J. Uribe
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