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Powell T.A. Ajax: The Complete Reference

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Powell T.A. Ajax: The Complete Reference
McGraw-Hill, 2008. — 674 p. — ISBN: 007149216X.
На англ. языке.
Ajax: The Complete Reference explains how to create and test Ajax-enabled Web applications using the XMLHttpRequest object as well as alternative JavaScript-based communication mechanisms. You'll explore a variety of sample applications featuring emerging user-interface conventions and build applications that address real-world networking and security issues. A robust communication library is developed throughout the book that enables you to architect flexible Ajax applications.
Discover the future of Web development today:
Work with traditional JavaScript communication approaches like iframes;
Explore all the quirks and details in the XMLHttpRequest object;
Handle disparate data formats, including XML, JSON, CSV, YAML, and more;
Deal with networking issues, including timeouts, retries, response ordering, and a variety of server and content errors;
Simplify JavaScript programming using open-source Ajax libraries like YUI;
Secure Ajax applications using authentication, obfuscation, and encryption;
Implement common Ajax UI patterns such as auto suggest, click-to-edit, and drag-and-drop;
Solve troubling Ajax architecture problems, including back button, history, and bookmarking issues;
Learn Ajax's role in Web 2.0 and Web services;
Explore push style communication using Comet and Flash;
Discover the future of offline Web application access and operation.
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