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Lallart M. (ed.) Vibration Control

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Lallart M. (ed.) Vibration Control
Sciyo, 2010. 392 p. - ISBN 978-953-307-117-6
Vibrations are a part of our environment and daily life. Many of them are useful and are needed for many purposes, one of the best example being the hearing system. Nevertheless, vibrations are often undesirable and have to be suppressed or reduced, as they may be harmful to structures by generating damages or compromise the comfort of users through noise generation of mechanical wave transmission to the body. the purpose of this book is to present basic and advanced methods for efficiently controlling the vibrations and limiting their effects. Open-access publishing is an extraordinary opportunity for a wide dissemination of high quality research. This book is not an exception to this, and I am proud to introduce the works performed by experts from all over the world.
Electromechanical Dampers for Vibration Control of Structures and Rotors
Andrea Tonoli, Nicola Amati and Mario Silvagni
The Foundation of Electromagnets Based Active Vibration Control
Ramón Ferreiro García, Manuel Haro Casado and F. Javier Perez Castelo
A Magnetorheological Damper with Embedded Piezoelectric Force Sensor: Experiment and Modeling
Y. Q. Ni and Z. H. Chen
Vibration Isolation System Using Negative Stiffness
Taksehi Mizuno
Mass Inertia Effect based Vibration Control Systems for Civil Engineering Structure and Infrastructure
Chunwei Zhang and Jinping Ou
AVC Using a Backstepping Design Technique
R. Ferreiro García, F. Fraguela Diaz, A. De Miguel Catoira
Model Independent Vibration Control
Jing Yuan
Active Vibration Control for a Nonlinear Mechanical System using On-line Algebraic Identification
Francisco Beltrán, Gerardo Silva, Andrés Blanco and Esteban Chávez
A Self-Organizing Fuzzy Controller for the Active Vibration Control of a Smart Truss Structure
Gustavo Luiz C. M. Abreu, Vicente Lopes Jr. and Michael J. Brennan
Semi-active Vibration Control Based on Switched Piezoelectric Transducers
Hongli Ji, Jinhao Qiu and Pinqi Xia
Self-Powered and Low-Power Piezoelectric Vibration Control Using Nonlinear Approaches
Mickaël Lallart and Daniel Guyomar
Active Vibration Control of Rotor-Bearing Systems
Andrés Blanco, Gerardo Silva, Francisco Beltrán and Gerardo Vela
Automotive Applications of Active Vibration Control
Ferdinand Svaricek, Tobias Fueger, Hans-Juergen Karkosch, Peter Marienfeld and Christian Bohn
Neural Network Control of Non-linear Full Vehicle Model Vibrations
Rahmi Guclu and Kayhan Gulez
Robust Active Vibration Control of Flexible Stewart Isolators
Liu Lei, Wang Pingping, Kong Xianren and Wang Benli
Vibration Control
Ass. Prof. Dr. Mostafa Tantawy Mohamed
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