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Purkiser W.T. Conflicting Concepts of Holiness

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Purkiser W.T. Conflicting Concepts of Holiness
Wesleyan Heritage Publications, 1998.
(В файле 64 с.).
The doctrine of holiness or entire sanctification is a major tenet in the belief and teaching of the Church of the Nazarene. Until Christ returns to earth, the doctrine will be challenged, the experience derided, and those who profess it taunted. But the Word of God supports it and the testimonies and lives of hundreds attest it.
In this book Dr. Purkiser very effectively examines the doctrine of holiness in order to present additional proof of its scriptural source and its effectiveness in daily life. The author writes from the premise that the soundness, the essentiality of holiness must be clearly understood in our own thinking in order that our faith may be unfaltering and that we may adequately present it to others.
Here is a book for every believer in holiness to read and assimilate. Here is convincing argument for every honest seeker for "the more excellent way. Ministers will readily see its value and will want it. Laymen should be induced, persuaded, and almost constrained to read it, for it is one book they need for their own enlightenment and to make them effective exponents of the doctrine.
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