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American Chain Association. Standard Handbook of Chains

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American Chain Association. Standard Handbook of Chains
2 Edition. - CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, 2006. 432 p. - ISBN-10:1-57444-647-9, ISBN:-13:978-1-57444-647-0
The first edition of Chains for Power Transmission and Material Handling set the standard for the selection of chain drives and conveyors. After twenty years of growth in the chain industry, this landmark reference enters its second edition with extensive updates and revisions that make it easy to read and understand, enabling readers to absorb and apply the information quickly. It includes new information on chain design considerations, increased power ratings for roller chains and silent chains, and selecting drives with alternate lives. The book includes a new chapter on flat top chain conveyors and features individual chapters on chain lubrication, installation, and inspection and maintenance
A Brief History of the Development of Chain
Early Developments
Cog Chain
Cast Detachable Chain
Cast Pintle Chain
Precision Roller Chain
Engineering Steel Chain
Silent Chain
Flat-Top Chain
A Chain Overview: Uses and Advantages
Types of Chain
Scope of Chains Covered
Styles and Forms of Chains
Straight and Offset Link Chains
Chains with and without Rollers
Uses of Chain
Standard Chains and Their Uses
The Advantages of Chains in Applications
Advantages of Roller Chains in Drives
Advantages of Silent Chain Drives
Advantages of Engineering Steel Chain for Drives
Advantages of Chains on Conveyors and Bucket Elevators
Advantages of Using Chain in Elevator Materials Handling
Chain Design Considerations, Construction, and Components
Basic Chain Functions
General Chain Design Considerations
Roller Chain Design Considerations
Leaf Chain Design Considerations
Silent Chain Design Considerations
Engineering Steel Chain Design Considerations
Flat-Top Chain Design Considerations
Types of Sprockets
Sprocket Tooth Forms
Sprocket Wheel Design
Silent Chain Sprocket Teeth
Engineering Steel Chain Sprocket Teeth
Flat-Top Chain Sprocket Teeth
Sprocket Hubs, Keys and Keyways, Setscrews, and Shafting Selection
Roller Chain Drives
Typical Applications
General Roller Chain Drive Selection Guidelines
Roller Chain Drive Selection Procedure
Sample Roller Chain Drive Selection
Equations for Horsepower Ratings
Engineering Steel Chain Drives
Typical Applications
General Engineering Steel Chain Drive Selection Guidelines
Engineering Steel Chain Drive Selection Procedure
Sample Engineering Steel Chain Drive Selection
Basis of Horsepower Ratings
Alternate Selection Method
Silent Chain Drives
General Guidelines for Silent Chain Drive Selection
Silent Chain Drive Selection Procedure
Sample Silent Chain Drive Selection
Derivation of Silent Chain Power Ratings
Tension Linkage Chains
Roller Chains as Tension Linkages
Tension Linkages Using Leaf Chain
Dimensions and Arrangements of Leaf Chain
Tension Linkages Using Engineering Steel Chains
Characteristics of Engineering Steel Chain Tension Linkages
Draw Bench Applications
Tension Linkage Chains for Dam and Lock Gates
Other Applications
Catenary Tension and Chain Sag
Engineering Steel Chain Conveyors
Types of Engineering Steel Chain Conveyors
Engineering Steel Chain Conveyor Selection Guidelines
Engineering Steel Conveyor Chain Selection Procedure
Roller Chain Conveyors
Types of Roller Chain Conveyors
Roller Chain Conveyor Selection Guidelines
Multiple-Strand Conveyers
Roller Conveyor Chain Selection Procedure
Precision Indexing
Sample Roller Chain Conveyor Selection
Chains for Bucket Elevators
Elevators Using Engineering Steel Chains
Design and Selection of Chain and Bucket Elevators
Selection Steps
Elevator Chain Selection Example
Roller Chain Equipped Bucket Elevators
Pivoted Bucket or Pan Conveyors
Operation Practices
Flat-Top Chain Conveyors
Flat-Top Chain Conveyor Selection Guidelines
Flat-Top Conveyor Chain Selection Procedure
Sample Flat-Top Chain Conveyor Selection
Selection Software
Chain Lubrication
Purpose of Lubrication
Lubricant Characteristics
Lubrication of Drive Chains
Lubrication Types for Chain Drives
Chain Casings
Temperature Increase in a Chain Casing
Lubrication of Exposed Drive Chains
Lubrication of Conveyor, Bucket Elevator, and Tension Linkage Chains
High-Temperature Lubrication
Chain Installation
Safety Precautions
Chain Guarding
Installation Steps
Chain Inspection and Maintenance
Safety Precautions
Inspection Program
Inspection and Maintenance of Chain Drives
Inspection and Maintenance of Chain Conveyors and Bucket Elevators
Inspection and Maintenance of Tension Linkage Chains
Replacing and Repairing Chains
Protecting Idle Chains and Sprockets
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