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PCI Journal 2000 №05-06

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PCI Journal 2000 №05-06
Chicago: Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute
Journal May-June 2000 (12 Articles):
- Central Artery/Tunnel Project: A Precast Bonanza
- Precast Prestressed Cable-Stayed Pedestrian Bridge for Bufalo Industrial Park
- Curved Precast Facade Adds Elegance to IJL Financial Center and Parking Structure
- Chairman's Message
- Proposed Revisions to 1997 NEHRP Recommended Provisions for Seismic Regulations for Precast Concrete Structures: Part 1 - Introduction
- Industry News
- Optimum Use of High Performance Concrete in Prestressed Concrete Super-T Bridge Beams
- High Performance Concrete and Reinforcing Steel with a 100-Year Service Life
- Problems and Solutions: Fire Rating Specifications
- Reference Cards
- Technical Reviews
- Torsional and Other Properties of Prestressed Concrete Sections
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