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Bennet E. Andrew. Reading Fusion 1. Student`s Book

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Bennet E. Andrew. Reading Fusion 1. Student`s Book
Compass Publishing, 2010. – 165 p.
Reading Fusion is designed to help students improve across a range of skills. The student's book contains 16 units which center on interesting articles about modern topics. A variety of important themes are covered, including the environment, health, technology, and more.
Every unit in Reading Fusion contains two articles. The main reading passages are 500 words long, providing detailed, thoughtful articles about important topics. The supplementary reading passages, which are 250 words long, are equally rich in detail.
Reading, vocabulary, listening, speaking, writing, and grammar skills are strengthened in each unit, speeding up student improvement. Units also contain listening and reading test practices, to assist in preparing for standardized tests like TOEIC, TOEFL.
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