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Chaffey D. et al. Internet Marketing Strategy, Implementation and Practice

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Chaffey D. et al. Internet Marketing Strategy, Implementation and Practice
Prentice Hall, 2006. – 584 pages.
This book is a comprehensive guide to how organizations can use the internet to support their marketing activities and covers all aspects of Internet marketing - environment analysis, strategy development and implementation.[/b] Building on the successful and widely regarded first edition, this second edition has a completely revised structure and streamlined content, increasing the marketing orientation of the text by decreasing technical background about the internet.
New to this edition: a revised structure providing a clear sequence to the stages of strategy development and implementation; a new chapter on how the Internet can be used to vary the marketing mix; new chapters on the micro- and macro-environment for the Internet, providing a foundation for strategy development, strategy chapter has been updated to reflect latest thinking; greater detail on Internet marketing communications, including the latest techniques, such as pay-per-click search engines and viral marketing; new case studies; relationship marketing chapter now takes a CRM-oriented approach; new, four-color design to improve clarity.
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