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Terry P.D. Compilers and Compiler Generators - an introduction with C++

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Terry P.D. Compilers and Compiler Generators - an introduction with C++
International Thomson Computer Press, 1997 — 435 pages.
This book has been written to support a practically oriented course in programming language
translation for senior undergraduates in Computer Science. More specifically, it is aimed at students
who are probably quite competent in the art of imperative programming (for example, in C++,
Pascal, or Modula-2), but whose mathematics may be a little weak; students who require only a
solid introduction to the subject, so as to provide them with insight into areas of language design
and implementation, rather than a deluge of theory which they will probably never use again;
students who will enjoy fairly extensive case studies of translators for the sorts of languages with
which they are most familiar; students who need to be made aware of compiler writing tools, and to
come to appreciate and know how to use them. It will hopefully also appeal to a certain class of
hobbyist who wishes to know more about how translators work.
The reader is expected to have a good knowledge of programming in an imperative language and,
preferably, a knowledge of data structures. The book is practically oriented, and the reader who
cannot read and write code will have difficulty following quite a lot of the discussion. However, it
is difficult to imagine that students taking courses in compiler construction will not have that sort of
There are several excellent books already extant in this field. What is intended to distinguish this
one from the others is that it attempts to mix theory and practice in a disciplined way, introducing
the use of attribute grammars and compiler writing tools, at the same time giving a highly practical
and pragmatic development of translators of only moderate size, yet large enough to provide
considerable challenge in the many exercises that are suggested.
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