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Feynman R. Lectures on Physics Exercises. Volume 2

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Feynman R. Lectures on Physics Exercises. Volume 2
1964, California Institute of Technology, 96 p.
The set of exercises included here is a collection of problems given to Sophomores at Caltech during the years 1962-64, i.e., during the first two years that the course was revised using Professor Feynman's lectures in physics. The exercises were presented first either as homework exercises or as examination problems and thus vary greatly in difficulty. The order in which they are arranged here is roughly, but not at all strictly, in order of difficulty within each chapter. As with the exercises for Volume One, this set is not a "final" set and must be revised and added to as the course evolves.
A first editing of most of the problems was done by C. H. Wilts and myself after the 1962-63 school year. Although most problems are original, or at least original versions of "standard" problems, some problems were taken directly from: Introduction to Electricity and Optics. Second Edition, by N. H. Frank, McGraw-Hill 1950; and Physics for Students of Science and Engineering, by D. Halliday and R. Resnick, Wiley 1960.
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