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Fritzson Peter. Introduction to Object-Oriented Modeling and Simulation with OpenModelica

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Fritzson Peter. Introduction to Object-Oriented Modeling and Simulation with OpenModelica
Учебное пособие,
Version 2006, 139p.
Object-Oriented modeling is a fast-growing area of modeling and simulation that provides a structured, computer-supported way of doing mathematical and equation-based modeling. Modelica is today the most promising modeling and simulation language in that it effectively unifies and generalizes previous objectoriented modeling languages and provides a sound basis for the basic concepts. The Modelica modeling language and technology is being warmly received by the world community in modeling and simulation with major applications in virtual prototyping. It is bringing about a revolution in this area, based on its ease of use, visual design of models with combination of lego-like predefined model building blocks, its ability to define model libraries with reusable components, its support for modeling and simulation of complex applications involving parts from several application domains, and many more useful facilities. To draw an analogy, Modelica is currently in a similar phase as Java early on, before the language became well known, but for virtual prototyping instead of Internet programming. The tutorial presents an object-oriented component-based approach to computer supported mathematical modeling and simulation through the powerful Modelica language and its associated technology. Modelica can be viewed as an almost universal approach to high level computational modeling and simulation, by being able to represent a range of application areas and providing general notation as well as powerful abstractions and efficient implementations.The tutorial gives an introduction to the Modelica language to people who are familiar with basic programming concepts. It gives a basic introduction to the concepts of modeling and simulation, as well as the basics of object-oriented component-based modeling for the novice, and an overview of modeling and simulation in a number of application areas. The tutorial has several goals: Being easily accessible for people who do not previously have a background in modeling, simulation. Introducing the concepts of physical modeling, object-oriented modeling and component-based modeling and simulation. Giving an introduction to the Modelica language.
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