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Malhotra N.K., Birks D.F. Marketing Research: An Applied Approach

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Malhotra N.K., Birks D.F. Marketing Research: An Applied Approach
Trans-Atlantic Publications, Inc. – 2008, 835 pages, 3rd edition
ISBN: 0273706896, 9780273706892
This 3rd edition of Marketing Research: An Applied Approach forms a comprehensive, authoritative and thoroughly European introduction to applied marketing research and covers both quantitative and qualitative techniques in depth. Marketing Research: An Applied Approach is aimed at students studying marketing research at undergraduate and postgraduate level.
The third European edition of Marketing Research: An Applied Approach retains the classic strengths of its past as well as developing many exciting new features. This established and respected textbook:
Remains the most applied, comprehensive and authoritative commentary on the subject
Balances quantitative and qualitative approaches to the subject
Boasts an all-new, visually stunning 4-colour design
Includes a CD of the very latest versions of the popular and user-friendly software applications SNAP and XSight, for both quantitative and qualitative researchers
Runs a brand new case study throughout each chapter, based on the work of the Marketing Research agency Sports Marketing Surveys. Project highlights include Formula 1, Rugby League, the Flora London Marathon and Beach Volleyball
Features an all-new suite of extensive real-world video case material, along with many other enhanced online resources, on the book’s companion website at www.pearsoned.co.uk/birks
Publisher’s acknowledgements
Guided tour
About the authors
Introduction to marketing research
Defining the marketing research problem and developng a research approach
Research design
Secondary data collection and analysis
Internal secondary data and the use of databases
Qualitative research: its nature and approaches
Qualitative research: focus group discussions
Qualitative research: depth interviewing and projective techniques
Qualitative research: data analysis
Survey and quantitative observation techniques
Causal research design: experimentation
Measurement and scaling: fundamentals, comparative and non-comparative scaling
Questionnaire design
Sampling: design and procedures
Sampling: final and initial sample size determination
Survey fieldwork
Data preparation
Frequency distribution, cross-tabulation and hypothesis testing
Analysis of variance and covariance
Identifying relationships
Discriminant analysis
Factor analysis
Cluster anaylsis
Multidimensional scaling and conjoint analysis 2
Report preparation and presentation
International marketing research
Business-to-business (b2b) marketing research
Appendix: Statistical tables
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