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Schlosshauer M.A. Decoherence and the Quantum-to-Classical Transition

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Schlosshauer M.A. Decoherence and the Quantum-to-Classical Transition
Springer, 2008. - 417 pp.
Over the course of the past decade, decoherence has become a ubiquitous scientific term popular in all kinds of research, from fundamental theories of quantum physics to applications in nanoengineering. Decoherence has been hailed as the solution to long-standing foundational problems dating back to the beginnings of quantum mechanics. It has been cursed as the key obstacle to next-generation technologies, such as quantum computers (another seemingly omnipresent field of research). And while decoherence has been directly observed in various experiments, its scope and meaning have often been misunderstood and misrepresented. Decoherence makes a fantastic subject of research, as it touches upon many different facets of physics, from philosophically inclined questions of interpretation all the way to down-to-earth problems in experimental settings and engineering applications.
This book will introduce the reader, in an accessible and self-contained manner, to these various fascinating aspects of decoherence. It will focus in particular on the relation of decoherence to the so-called quantum-to-classical transition, i.e., the question of how decoherence may explain the emergence of the classical appearance of the macroscopic world around us from the underlying quantum substrate.
Introducing Decoherence
The Basic Formalism and Interpretation of Decoherence
Decoherence Is Everywhere: Localization Due to Environmental Scattering
Master-Equation Formulations of Decoherence
A World of Spins and Oscillators: Canonical Models for Decoherence
Of Buckey Balls and SQUIDs: Observing Decoherence in Action
Decoherence and Quantum Computing
The Role of Decoherence in Interpretations of Quantum Mechanics
Observations, the Quantum Brain, and Decoherence
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