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Hedge Tricia. Skill of Writing: Pen to Paper Elementary

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Hedge Tricia. Skill of Writing: Pen to Paper Elementary
Thomas Nelson and Sons Ltd, 1983. — 64 p.: — ISBN 0-17-555394-7.
Pen to Paper is the first book in the Skill of Writing series. It is primarily intended for teenagers and young adults, but has also proved successful with older students. Pen to Paper is a supplementary book designed for students with one year's (60-90 hours) English competence. Its main objective is to develop the writing skills but, as a structurally graded book, it also consolidates students' growing knowledge of English and develops a wider range of vocabulary. Teachers can use the book at intervals throughout the year, either in the order of units given, or as the topics, structures or vocabulary presented here integrate successfully with the mainstream course. The book consists of twelve units, each with a minimum of two hours' work, and a Consolidation Section which usually offers a further task for homework.
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