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Richards J.E., Hawley R.S. The Human Genome: A Users Guide

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Richards J.E., Hawley R.S. The Human Genome: A Users Guide
3rd Edition. - Elsevier, 2011. - 595 p. - As genetic issues play a growing role in health practice and public policy, new knowledge in this field will continue to have significant implications for individuals and society. Written to communicate sound and modern science in an accessible way for professionals and students with various levels of scientific background, this thoroughly revised edition of The Human Genome contributes to creating a genetically literate research and clinical population. With case studies and introductory vignettes which illustrate a wide range of perspectives on complex topics in genetics and updated material on the latest research on disease-specific topics, this book serves as a valuable resource for students and working professionals alike.
* Full-color illustrations enhance and reinforce key concepts and themes
* Chapters include interest boxes that focus on human health and disease, chapter-opening case studies, and concept statements to engage non-specialist readers
* Companion website includes self tests, electronic artwork, and a guide to additional web resources to meet the developing needs of health care professionals and researchers
How Genes Specify a Trait

The Basics of Heredity: How Traits Are Passed Along in Families
The Double Helix: How Cells Preserve Genetic Information
How Genes Function
The Central Dogma of Molecular Biology: How Cells Orchestrate the Use of Genetic Information
The Genetic Code: How the Cell Makes Proteins from Genetic Information Encoded in mRNA Molecules
We Are All Mutants: How Mutation Alters Function
How Chromosomes Move
Mitosis and Meiosis: How Cells Move Your Genes Around
The Odd Couple: How the X and Y Chromosomes Break the Rules
How Genes Contribute To Complex Traits
Sex Determination: How Genes Determine a Developmental Choice
Complexity: How Traits Can Result from Combinations of Factors
The Multiple-Hit Hypothesis: How Genes Play a Role in Cancer
How Genes are Found
The Gene Hunt: How Genetic Maps Are Built and Used
The Human Genome: How the Sequence Enables Genome-wide Studies
How Genes Play a Role in Testing and Treatment
Genetic Testing and Screening: How Genotyping Can Offer Important Insights
Magic Bullets: How Gene-based Therapies Personalize Medicine
Fears, Faith, and Fantasies: How the Past and Present Shape the Future of Genomic Medicine
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