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Bovik A. (Ed.) The Essential Guide to Video Processing

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Bovik A. (Ed.) The Essential Guide to Video Processing
Academic Press, 2009. — 752 p. — ISBN: 978-0-12-374456-2.
"The Essential Guide to Video Processing" - the latest and most complete resource for learning about digital video processing. This book offers the most complete treatment of digital video processing available. It contains 21 chapters ranging from the basics of video processing to very advanced topics, and everything in-between. Starting with the basics of video sampling and motion estimation and tracking, the book covers essential topics including video stabilization, segmentation, and enhancement. The important topic of video compression is covered next, with chapters for the beginner as well as the expert, including the standards MPEG and H.264, transcoding between standards, and embedded software implementations.
The important practical topics of video quality assessment, video indexing and retrieval, video networking, video security, and wireless are then explained by leading experts and educators in those fields.
Finally, the Guide concludes with four exciting chapters dealing explaining video processing applications on such diverse topics as video surveillance, face tracking and recognition from video, motion tracking in medical videos, and using video to assist speech recognition. These have been selected for their timely interest, as well as their illustrative power of how video processing can be effectively applied to problems of today’s interest.
"The Essential Guide to Video Processing" is intended to reach a broad audience ranging from those interested in learning video processing for the first time, to professional experts needing an easy and authoritative reference, to educators that require a comprehensive treatment of the topic. However, for those that have had no exposure at all to the processing of images, including still images, then it is advisable to first read the companion volume, "The Essential Guide to Image Processing". In that book, the broad range of still image processing are explained, including very basic tutorial chapters.
Introduction to Digital Video Processing.
Video Sampling and Interpolation.
Motion Detection and Estimation.
Video Enhancement and Restoration.
Video Stabilization and Mosaicing.
Video Segmentation.
Motion Tracking in Video.
Basic Transform Video Coding.
MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 Video Standards.
MPEG-4 Visual and H.264/AVC: Standards for Modern Digital Video.
Interframe Subband/Wavelet Scalable Video Coding.
Digital Video Transcoding.
Embedded Video Codecs.
Video Quality Assessment.
A Unified Framework for Video Indexing, Summarization, Browsing, and Retrieval.
Video Communication Networks.
Video Security and Protection.
Wireless Video Streaming.
Video Surveillance.
Face Recognition from Video.
Audiovisual Speech Processing.
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